Jasper Paxton


Written By Suzanne

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Birthday: 6 February
Wand: not given


Jasper is a mix between quiet and rambunctious, it all depends on the crowd. Around adults and authority type figures, he tends to be the figure of innocence. He doesn’t necessarily follow the rules, but he edges around them, finding the small loopholes and technicalities. He’s smart for his age and it makes him a little too big for his britches. Which makes it easier for him to be boisterous around other kids his age. He definitely tries to be bigger than he is, which often leads to him making a total fool of himself. Jasper is a good kid, but somehow gets lost in everything going on around him and just goes with whatever he’s got going on in his head at the moment. It makes for a very confusing time for people who don’t know him well, but those that do are used to his antics and just roll with the flow too. He talks at about a mile a minute which really does well to show how his brain functions, there is no consistency, it’s like whatever filter should have existed right before his mouth is malfunctioning and well, he typically just tends to word vomit unless you stop him. He’s filled with a million and five questions, about fifty-percent of which hardly make sense. If you look close enough, there’s some sort of maniacal connection between his thoughts, but thinking too hard about it might give someone an aneurysm. Really, one just shouldn’t think about Jasper’s ideas too hard at all, like, really. Don’t. He likes things that are bright or interesting and they immediately catch his attention and if he was talking to you. Well, he isn’t anymore.


Voted most likely to be featured in his little sister’s dollhouse play, Jasper is rather petite for his age. He’s small framed, much too thin, and probably looks like he’s sick half the time. He’s got ears that are much too big for his head, a mop of blonde hair that has never decided where exactly his part is, and brown eyes that go on for ages. The fact that he wears baggy hand-me downs from his much larger older brother doesn’t help anything at all. Most clothes are too large on him, and the few that do fit aren’t in the best of shape. He does have three new pairs of clothes to attend school with, but he's hoping just to get away with wearing his robes as much as possible (another new shiny thing that he likes). He’s pale and scrawny, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you can push him around because he can be a bruiser when he wants to be.


Jasper was born on a snowy February 6th to Genevieve and Erik Paxton just a few blocks walking distance from Minnehaha Falls. With a head full of hair and a couple soft squeaks before the screaming set in, the muggle couple knew that their little boy was going to be a handful. He turned out to be the opposite of his brother Richard, who typically bullied his younger brother by the belief that it would make him tougher. In a way, it worked and as long as it wasn’t too violent the Paxton parent’s let it go and took it as a friendly sibling rivalry. When Penelope was born, six years later, the family seemed complete and Jasper absolutely adores his little Penny. His connection with his sister was much stronger, and it was one occasion out in the sandbox in the backyard that he’d made a mould of a caterpillar crawl across the way to his baby sister’s delight that the two adults realized that there was something quite different about their middle child. On a more difficult note, the family is not well off. Erik was constantly between jobs, holding assistant manager and manager positions at various restaurants across the tourist local. The man worked long hours, leaving Gennie to care for the three kids. It was easier once Rich went to public school and Penny was able to attend kindergarten. But oftentimes she was at a loss of what to do with her middle son. His magical ability left them cautious to send him to school or let him roam freely with other kids. As a result, Jasper was partially sheltered and it tends to show in his personality because his people skills aren’t the greatest. But he doesn’t let that slow him down and his family is proud of him. His invitation letter to Rocky Mountain came as a relief to them and they were happy that he had somewhere to channel something they couldn’t even comprehend working with. The Paxton family doesn’t really understand the workings of the wizarding world, but they’re willing to try to help Jasper out.


Water, hiking, outdoors, his sister


Bullies, sports, vanilla ice cream, people who don’t tolerate his rambling


Making it through school alive for the moment, he’s only eleven. It’ll get better, he swears.