Charlier Myers


Written By Vedika

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Birthday: 11/31
Wand: dogwood


Charlie is an inquisitive soul who is much more vested in hands-on learning and experimentation than classroom instruction, rules, and homework. His curiosity often leads him into mild trouble and mischief, but it's generally with the good-hearted intention of gaining knowledge. His penchant for playing pranks, on the other hand, is less so. These tendencies have been wholeheartedly encouraged by his parents, and that encouragement combined with the fact that he's the baby of the family have made him rather bold, confident, and used to getting away with things without consequence. Named after the Charlier Cut, a fancy method of cutting a deck of cards, Charlie has a strong imagination and sense of whimsy but can also display dogged attention to detail if he's interested in a particular subject. He enjoys being the center of attention and has more poise than the average kid because his parents are celebrity magicians and he and his siblings have grown up performing (muggle) magic. Charlie was shocked to find out magic is real and finds the thought of the Wizarding World both thrilling and a little intimidating, especially since he's the only wizard in his family.


harlie is a slightly chubby, stocky kid with brown hair, blue eyes, and big ears that he has yet to grow into. He's on the short side but hopes to be at least six feet tall one day. Since he hates the outdoors he tends to be pretty pale year-round. The importance of presentation has been drilled into him since he was a kid and he tends to dress more formally than an average kid his age. He's owned three tuxedos since the age of six. As he's grown older he's been developing his own (questionable) sense of style and has started incorporating more ostentatious outfits in his closet.


Charlie is a muggleborn and the youngest of three kids. His sister, Abby (short for Abracadabra), is the middle child, while his brother Levi (short for Levitation) is the oldest. Both his parents built up their skills as amateur magicians outside of work and dreamed of entering America's Got Talent as a duo. Tragedy struck, however, when Charlie's mom, Jen, was killed in a car crash. Two years later, his dad, Scott, decided to enter America's Got Talent on his own. He immediately became friendly rivals with Oliver, another magician on the show. One thing led to another, and by the end of the season they'd combined their act, fallen in love, and ultimately won the show. America fell in love with them as well, and they've remained lowkey celebrities—and the country's favorite magicians—ever since. Charlie and his siblings inherited a love for magic from their parents and have been practicing tricks since they were young. In fact, the family hobby kept Jen, Scott, and Oliver from initially recognizing Charlie's first acts of accidental magic when he was a kid; they just thought he was uncannily talented.


Muggle magic tricks, swimming, model airplanes, spinning yarns, tarantulas


Homework, the Great Outdoors, truth-telling, sweating, bugs


To be the greatest magician ever, create a secret society of magicians, and successfully prank his older siblings.