Elijah Carthy


Written By Suzanne

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown


Elijah’s demeanor revolves around being calm. When he was younger, he was very excitable and always bouncing around. As he aged however, he found that he was much more approachable when he wasn’t scaring people away with his overenthusiasm. These days, he can come off as rather apathetic towards everything. However, he remains passionate and still gets enthusiastic about things, but those moments are rare and far between. Often people aren’t around to see it. Despite this, Elijah is very friendly and often seeks friendship from those opposite of his personality.


Elijah has a mop of normally dark hair and brilliant blue-green eyes. Currently however, his hair is dyed more of a dirty blonde. He’s relatively tall, with a set of square shoulders. He’s described as sturdy although his mother claims that he needs to bulk up more. The only thing that is odd about Elijah’s appearance is the missing ring finger on his right hand which he lost in an accident when he was young.


Elijah grew up with one parent, and according to the adoption papers, it wasn’t even a biological one. He doesn’t know what happened to his actual parents, but he knows without a doubt that he loves the woman who adopted him. Elijah grew up in a family of him, his adoptive mother and one brother. Around the age of seven, Elijah began showing magical capabilities. Instead of freaking out like one would expect of a non-magical person who had no idea what their son could do, Agatha Carthy simply accepted Elijah. She claimed that he’d been special since the day she’d laid eyes on him. Elijah doesn’t miss his actually parents, although he often wonders who they were and why they chose to leave him without even a name.