Paige Blair


Written By Sasha

Gender: female
Blood Status: halfblood
Birthday: October 30
Wand: not given


As far back as she can remember, Paige has been described as a handful - by neighbours, her parents, probably her grandparents too if not in English, even on primary school report cards. It’s not fair, because she really does try to be good. It’s just sometimes she has to move or talk and people think that means she’s not paying attention and then she gets in trouble. Sitting or doing projects in class is the worst situation for that to happen, but it always does, and now that she’ll be trapped at school over the weekends too instead of getting to go home and run around the beach for a break… well, that’s a bit worrisome. When she isn’t being defined by her wildin’, Paige enjoys hanging out with her friends and making fun of her brother. She looks up to Joey but he’s still a dummy.


Slight, moderately dark, and with heavy-lidded eyes, Paige is basically a copy of her brother, although at the age of thirteen she hasn’t yet been given the privilege of changing her hairstyle. Her long, almost-black bangs frame her face from eyebrows to chin in the classically disappointing bowlcut that her Asian half of the family is fond of. Luckily, she hasn’t been forced into Joey’s old clothes and has been able to pick out her own - largely a mix of school uniform skirt-and-blazer sets, colourful rompers (she’s a big fan of florals but any pattern is fine really), and lots of pink socks.


Paige was born shortly after the wedding of May Nguyen, a second-gen immigrant from Thailand and journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald, and Cooper Blair, a pureblooded Ozzie and the (not self-proclaimed but not denied either) dumbest aerospace engineer around. Her early years in their small flat were comfortable but chaotic, having embraced a lot of her mum’s small routines and fed off her frustration when her dad’s forgetfulness or Joey’s more laid-back approach got in the way. So far the biggest frustration has been when her dad forgot to mention he was a wizard. To be fair, he doesn’t use magic in his work or daily life much at all, but also it’s so unfair; she was blamed for all kinds of things growing up that weren’t even her fault in the end! Paige initially went to school at the New Zealand Academy of Magic, because her parents thought it was better to keep her close at hand even though she really wanted to stay with her big brother. She tried really hard not to cause too much of a ruckus but apparently it didn’t work because now she’s getting pulled out of NZAM and sent to RMI instead. It’s going to suck being away from her friends, but maybe it’s OK too, since it’s sort of what she wanted all along.


Hanging out at the beach, the colour pink, playing games (board, action, card, made-up, it doesn’t matter)


Reading, family dinners, being blamed for things she technically did but not really


It’s all about the squad goals: make new friends at RMI fast, introduce them to her friends from NZAM, and then she’ll have one big awesome group of friends!