Fernando Reyes


Written By Daniel

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: January 1st
Wand: Alder wood with a unicorn hair core, 12 ¾ and slightly springy flexibility


Nando believes that he has some elaborate destiny awaiting him, a direct result of learning he is a wizard. From an early age, he has been enamored with classic RPG style games, always choosing the Mage since he thought they were the coolest. He was elated when he found out he has magic, but was severely disappointed when he learned he had to learn it- doesn’t it just come naturally? He can be a bit naive, and is stubborn at the best and worst of times. He likes to believe he’s the main character of life itself and can be a little self-centered. He is the youngest of three siblings, so he can be a bit of a baby when it comes to certain things. Other than that, he is extremely outgoing, loves playing with friends, and tends to act before thinking.


Nando looks like a fairly average Spanish teen, with slightly tan skin and dark brown curls for days. He enunciates English with an airy, almost sing-songy tone, and tends to switch to rapid Spanish when he gets excited or emotional. He tends to walk fast, speak faster, and allows his overactive imagination to narrate whatever it is he is doing. He likes to wear hand-me-downs as they “keep him in check”, but in actuality he doesn’t want his parents to spend money on clothes; he’d much rather have them spend money on games and toys. He tends to grin while he speaks, frowns when he is upset, and is overall very expressive.


Nando comes from a family of middle-class Spanish-American immigrants who moved to Amarillo, Texas when Nando’s mother, Esperanza, became pregnant with their third child. Fernando Sr., Nando’s father, is an American of Cuban descent and met Esperanza on a work trip to Spain. The two fell in love and raised their first two children ten minutes from downtown Madrid. Both of Nando’s parents work as scientists (his father is an audio engineer and his mother is a microbiologist) and are very passionate about their work, family, and each other. Being the baby of the family, Nando is used to being coddled by his older sisters and signed up for every hobby imaginable by his parents. He is excited to get some space between him and his family, even though he will secretly miss them.


Video Games, RPGs, Comic Books, Showing Off, Drama ™


Being Bored, Studying, Psychoanalysis, Hugs That Last More Than 20 Seconds


Becoming Friends With Everybody, Getting a Sidekick, Being The Best At Everything