Reynaldo Bonilla


Written By Ryan

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: August 17th
Wand: Hornbeam Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core


Reynaldo is a representative of tradition and order. He embraces the values of honesty, dedication and dignity, to give clear advice and guidance. Rey takes pride in bringing people together, even at a young age he began a community organiser, often leading clubs in La Escuela. He is a staunch traditionalist in the way schools at the IWCE level should be run. He is known to be quiet and observant but when he lets his guard down everyone can see he is a kind and generous man.


Reynaldo has dark brown hair, brown eyes. He usually has a well-maintained beard but has been known to shave it on occasion. He has a slight build, and stands 5’10”. During formal occasions he usually wears wizarding. Though as he completes his day to day duties as Headmaster he usually wears a nice button up, and perhaps a sports coat.


Reynaldo was born in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico to middle-class parents. His father, a half-blood, was a Magizoologist and his mother, a Muggle-born, was the Librarian at La Escuela. He was the eldest of four, two sisters, and a little brother. At eleven with no surprise to anyone Reynaldo began to attend La Escuela At La Escuela, Reynaldo excelled in his studies and became a leader at the school. Upon graduation, Reynaldo attended the University of Barcelona where he got his degree in Charms. After working in Charms related field for a few years, Reynaldo began to teach Charms at The Adani Institute. Within a few terms, Reynaldo was promoted to the Head of House, and he began to contemplate another change of career. He then went back to school while teaching for his Master's degree in Wizarding Educational Administration. When he finished his Masters Reynaldo became Deputy Headmaster at La Escuela For five years he helped changed how the school was run but Reynaldo wanted his own school. Though he had some negative ideas on how Americans run their schools, he applied for a Headmaster job at Rocky Mountain International School for Magical Enlightenment. Reynaldo is married to Maricela Estevez, a woman he met at the University of Barcelona. Together Reynaldo and Maricela have three children, Beatriz, Javier, & Diego.


Giving gift baskets, Teaching, Charms,


Rule breakers


To guide young people into becoming productive members of society.