Petra Stiglitz


Written By Suzanne

Gender: female
Blood Status: halfblood


Petra is an unusual soul. She’s very irritable at her best times and often picks fights. However, if she finds that she likes you as a person, the girl will treat you with the utmost respect. She likes to have her way, but was raised to understand that not everything in life was fair. Therefore, she lets most things go even when they upset her. She also doesn’t trust people she doesn’t know but if you win her friendship, you best believe she’ll tell you next to anything. As long as you can get past the surface, she's quite nice to be around and just likes to have fun.


Petra has red-blonde hair and big grey eyes that sparkle. She’d a devious little character, with her hair always pulled back neatly into a pony tail or pigtails. She’s a bit tall for her age and is certainly rather thin because of it. She tends to stay pale, but can manage a slight tan-mostly burn in the warmer months.


Petra is the only person in her rather large family to possess dual citizenship. While on family vacation with their other six children, the Stiglitz family were proud to bring Petra into the world. As a result of her parents moving to American before her birth, the girl was born in Germany and stayed there for some time while her family continued visiting. Her father and mother are both of German descent, but they moved to America after a job offer. Now, they live in the States raising most of their children at home. Petra is only the third child in the family to be magical, the rest receiving her father’s muggle genetics.