Sara de Alba


Written By Maria

Gender: female
Blood Status: halfblood


Sara is very competitive and not a very good loser. Her father taught her to always strive to be the best, but sometimes she goes it too far. She has been known to end friendships in bursts of temper tantrums and be resentful towards the other person for a long time. However, Sara, in her best days, is a rather sweet and lovely girl, and once her anger fades she goes back to normal. She just doesn't process losing too well. Sara can also have small bursts of jealousy that fade away rather quickly. Most of the time, Sara has a big smile on her face giving her a more approachable nature than most. She is social and likes to be surrounded by friends - she carefully picks based on their ability to outshine her. She has trouble with her academics, so it's extra hard for her to maintain a healthy GPA without losing her cool because other people beat her to the top. Being friends with Sara is very hard and complicated. Most children don't really have the patience to zigzag around her usual anger bursts, which is why she can be very apologetic in order to save the friendships she does have. However, she tries everyone’s patience a few days afterwards.


Sara inherited the short gene from her father. Like most mexicans, Sara won’t pass the 5’3 mark. She has long brown hair that comfortably rests on her back. Her light brown eyes are framed by long and thick eyelashes. Her biracial genes gave her the ability to get tan rather quickly which that helps her play in the sun without suffering severe burns. She is mostly seen with her hair down, unless she is participating in any physical activity were she prefers to wear it in a braid. Sara usually wears girly clothes, but she doesn't rule a more tomboyish look, especially if she is playing sports.


Sara´s parents met during their college years. Her father, a mexican magizoologist, was taking some Muggle courses at the university where he fell in love with a Muggle girl. They dated for over 4 years before getting married in a small ceremony consisting of friends and families. Sara arrived 2 years later. Her father, Mauricio, was born and raised in a mexican magical community near Ciudad de Mexico, and his parents weren't that thrilled he married an american girl. However, they changed their mind when Sara was born. The eleven-year old speaks both spanish and english to perfection, but most of her life she has lived inside the USA. Though, she spends most of her summers with her paternal parents in Mexico.