Elisabeth Harris


Written By Niamh

Gender: female
Blood Status: halfblood
Birthday: 00/00
Wand: not given


Elisa is loud, overly confident, and competitive. She is stubborn and once she has settled on a plan of action she is completely committed to it. She is hyper social and hates to be alone. Although she is eager to make friendships she has difficulty maintaining them. She is not easily upset and therefore expects everyone else to be tough skinned too. Her humour can be harsh and she is not opposed to making a joke at another's expense. She has difficulty managing her temper when disciplined and rarely apologises. She enjoys all holidays and takes particular satisfaction in celebrating other people's birthdays - often spending weeks thinking on the perfect party or present. Elisa takes great joy in performing simple ( and often mean spirited ) pranks. Her favourite target is her older brother Eugene. She began targeting him in hope of starting a prank war but when Eugene didn't retaliate she continued the one-sided attacks culminating in the creation of the epic game Egg Eugene. Coming from a large family she has learned to be territorial of her possessions. Elisa finds it hard to deny her desires and has been known to steal in the past.


Elisa is tall for her age with a lithe build. She has warm rosy cheeks and a prominent nose she wants to pierce at the earliest opportunity. When she smiles it highlights her dimples and displays a crooked front tooth. She has recently discovered makeup and likes to experiment with brightly coloured eyeshadow - she is never seen without a heavy coat of mascara and a shiny layer of chapstick. She keeps her thick brown hair straight and the length short, never allowing it to grow past the base of her neck. Most of Elisa's clothes are Brandy's hand-me-downs. She wears faded skinny jeans and darkly coloured baggy t-shirts with the same scuffed pair of black converse for everyday wear and likes to accessorize with layered silver necklaces.


Elisa is the result of a brief on and off relationship between muggleborn Abigail Harris and muggle Darren Barton. Abigail is a waitress at a muggle cafe in LA. Darren considers himself a professional gambler but Elisa's mom says he's more like a professional beggar. Both careers sound pretty cool to Elisa and she enjoys spending time with her dad. She takes great pride in knowing that her dad is considered the coolest dad amongst her siblings. Despite the adoration Elisa feels for her dad she maintains a good relationship with her mom's partner, Jeb. Jeb acts as the main father figure in her life and is the biological father of her youngest siblings Amybeth and Junior. Elisa's closest sibling relationship is with her older sister Brandy. Although Brandy no longer lives at home and has recently become a mother, she always makes time for Elisa. She was the first to teach her about makeup and how best to style her hair. Elisa has heard a lot about RMI from her brothers, Leo and Eugene, but their conflicting reports have left her feeling uncertain about pursuing her magical education at the school. She hopes that it is as dangerously exciting as some of their stories have promised.