Angelo Cozzolino


Written By Fae

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: 00/00
Wand: not given


Angel is bright as the sun, and dumb as a box of rocks. He is the definition of "no thoughts, head empty." And it's not like he's not intelligent--it's more so that he just doesn't...think before doing or saying anything. And that's a major problem for him, considering that like, he has access to a ton of money and would probably be an impulsive spender. In fact, he probably already is. It also means he has absolutely no filter. An absolute social butterfly, Angel is always making the rounds and making friends! He's trying to get away from the pleasantries his parents have instilled in him since he was a child, with the glued-on smiles and weird cheek kisses. It's not exactly his thing, but he's learning how to be genuine, and loves meeting new people, so he's growing and getting better at being not-stiff and making real-talk instead of small-talk. Angel tends to be protective of his emotions and thoughts. This makes him rather sensitive, meaning his often takes poorly worded jokes or jabs personally--and seriously. When something has hurt him, Angel puts on a mask and pretends to be his normal, happy self. He becomes quite closed off and often acts aloof and distant. Angel isn't always an angel. In fact, he can be pretty mean when he's in a bad mood. Angel's ever-present, perfected smile means that he can say things and a stranger won't be able to tell if he's insulting them or not. It can pretty unnerving, considering his facial expression stays perfectly still, but a glint in his eye can tell you if he's being vindictive or not. Of course, when he's called out on that, he acts oblivious--and pulls it off, more often than not. While a loyal friend and generally sweet kid, Angel is unfortunately weird about physical affection. He's not received much of it while growing up, and is more used to verbally expressing love or fondness. He really doesn't know what to do when people hug him or touch him. Angel just kind of clams up and sits still, very confused about how to return the sentiment or exit the situation. Angel tends to express his affection by either verbalizing it or just randomly dropping off unexpected and sometimes expensive gifts. He doesn't say anything, just hands it to the person and bolts off. He just gets awkward when emotions are involved.


The first thing anyone tends to notice about Angel is that his smile literally could outshine the sun. He just tends to have this sunny, bright disposition about him that is incredibly charming. He has short dark hair and bright brown eyes framed by impossibly curly lashes. Angel's skin tone is a naturally deep olive, often tanned even more during the summer thanks to yearly trips visiting family in Naples, Italy. Angel is what one might call a "pretty boy," and actually works as a model for his parents' line of luxury wizarding clothing.


Angelo was born to Sofia and Roberto Cozzolino, a pair of famous wizarding designers known for their products only being sold in high-end boutiques and department stores--and for being extremely expensive. Their home is located in Los Angeles. Angel has a younger brother and sister (who are twins), but he is the oldest child of the family and also their star model for their line of children's clothes. Basically, he models wizarding Gucci or Louis Vuitton for kids--and he despises it. Sure, Angel's long running stint in the fashion industry has caused him to learn immaculate hygiene skills (his parents would have no less), but Angel just...doesn't like being stared at. He's fine in front of the camera, but he just doesn't like people ogling him. It makes him feel very weird. Most of his family is from Naples, Italy, and so he's able to speak Italian since it's primarily what his mother and father speak at home, and what he speaks during summer visits. Trips to see Noni are his favorite thing, and he considers her the best person in the family. Angel's parents are very busy people, and often don't have time for him or his siblings, at least when he's not modeling. He really doesn't see them that often, and has never had a family dinner outside of the ones Noni has. Angel has mostly raised himself and his siblings, with the help of nannies of course.