Kaytelinn Stewart*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: Halfblood
Birthday: 00/00
Wand: not given


Kaytelinn is a talkative girl. Her family are strong Evangelical Protestants, and it’s sad that she won’t be able to keep going to church while she’s at RMI (honestly, it’s kind of discrimination) but she plans to fill that time with lots of intentional prayer. As a going-away gift, Kaytelinn got a charmed CD player and she can’t wait to share her favourite Christian rock music with her new girl friends. She gives thanks before eating meals, writing tests, and playing any kind of game. She's active but would never consider playing a mixed-gender sport.


Kaytelinn has long, straight blonde hair with bangs that’s sometimes pulled up in a tight high ponytail. She’s skinny, but in a pretty way. Her outfits are a mix of pastor-approved conservatism (collarbones are a big no) and momma-approved fashion (think flared jeans and animal prints). She considers herself graceful and imagines herself gliding into rooms, often with her arms held a little out to the sides. She smiles at everyone she passes.


Kaytelinn is from Sutton, West Virginia. Her momma had her when she was still in high school, but that isn’t a big deal because they got married and were obviously meant to be together. They live in Kaytelinn’s grandparent’s garage, which they turned into a cozy home with her daddy’s hunting trophies on the wall. Her daddy has magic but he doesn’t use it a lot, and he didn’t even tell her momma about it originally, so it was a big surprise when they found out Kaytelinn had magic too. Now that it’s out in the open, all eyes are on her little sisters Feenix and Emaleigh to see if they’re next!


Musical theater, pizza rolls, the expression “hate the sin but love the sinner”. She also supports gun rights and has opinions about which guns are feminine enough for girls to use.


When people spell her name wrong on purpose. She won’t be mad, but she’ll be really disappointed in you. Also, she doesn’t like being called a ‘witch’, because that’s pagan.


Kaytelinn dreams of having a romantic love story like her parents one day.