Jan Koprowski*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: Pureblood
Birthday: 00/00
Wand: not given


Jan’s approach to school is strategic, aiming for a mix of good grades and leisure time, and he’s often successful. He might come across as a bit uncaring, with half his attention in class on his seatmate instead of whatever the assignment is. He places a high value on his social life and looks for opportunities to drift in and out of different groups in hopes of establishing himself as someone that everyone wants to talk to. Like his cousin, Jan grew up using English at home and doesn’t speak with much of an accent normally, but he isn’t above playing up his accent for attention. Girls like guys with accents, right?


Jan has hazel eyes and dark brown hair trimmed just below his ears. His wardrobe is entirely hand-me-downs, including the same slacks and dress shirts his cousin wore for his first year at RMI. Being a bit of a superstitious type, that seems like a poor omen to him. He tries to personalize his outfits in little ways to make them different from his cousin, like wearing coloured shoe laces. He is of average build and a bit on the tall side.


Jan is from Tykocin, Poland, a town with a large sect of Jewish wizards. He is the cousin of Avi Koprowski and lives with him in the Koprowski’s precariously tall home, along with the rest of their intergenerational household. Their family is upper-middle class, but live very frugally. Jan’s parents had been planning to send him to RMI ever since Avi returned home his first Midterm reporting how much he enjoyed his classes.


Being active, when people approach him (he welcomes interruptions and doesn't hesitate to interrupt others), poking fun of Avi behind his back


Studying on weekends (if he can’t get his homework done on a school-day evening, it’s not worth doing)


Jan aspires to be seen as cooler than his older cousin Avi. He’s not picky on how it happens, as long as it does.