Ramon Castillo*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Birthday: 00/00
Wand: not given


As the oldest of his siblings but youngest of his cousins, Ramon is used to needing to make himself heard - it’s the only way to get any attention in the disorganized chaos that defines his multigenerational family’s home culture. He can be loud without realizing it and is a big hand-talker, always gesturing broadly no matter how mundane the topic. He doesn’t consider himself very studious, but really enjoys learning new things, especially science-y things; he keeps detailed notes (all written in messy Spanglish) and has a reputation for going off on tangents asking questions in class. Outside of class, he’s a big soccer fan and loves to run around outdoors pretending he’s the next big player.


Ramon is a tall, angular kid with sharp facial features. He has fairly dark skin and brown eyes that are almost black. His hair is also black, and although it’s always freshly-shaved close to his head before the school year, it grows so fast (possibly by magic) that in a month’s time the tight curls are sticking straight up in all directions. Ramon wears mostly secondhand clothes and favours shorts year-round, although his first experience of a real winter in Colorado will probably change that.


Ramon is a Salvadoran American and the first in his generation to be born on U.S. soil. His grandparents, mother, and uncle’s family immigrated from El Salvador as political refugees, and while the “American dream” has remained a little out of reach, their settling in a densely Latin neighbourhood of Los Angeles at least resulted in his mother meeting his father, which was lucky for Ramon’s existence. He grew up surrounded by boisterous older cousins and overbearing neighbours and never expected to leave that environment. The discovery he had magic was received skeptically by his parents, but the opportunity to send him to a good school wasn’t something they could turn down, and he went along with it willingly.


Soccer, jersey style shirts, sports-themed video games, going to the beach, learning about rockets and space stuff but also the opposite direction like the ocean, group projects, rare moments of privacy


Written assignments, having to share a room at home with his cousin who snores


Ramon’s future goals include playing pro soccer, becoming an astronaut and/or ocean diver (is that a job?), and starting the first space and/or deep-sea soccer league. He knows this isn't all realistic but he can dream.