Maisie Newton*


Non-Player Character (NPC)

Gender: female
Blood Status: Halfblood
Birthday: 00/00
Wand: not given


Maisie is a quiet type of girl who is most comfortable standing on the edges of a crowd. She’s a bit self-conscious and doesn’t like feeling like the centre of attention, so when she has the choice, she prefers to blend in and just observe others. Even when instructed to partner up in class, she will sit and wait to be approached instead of making the first move. This has been challenging for her music recitals - she’s been taking fiddle lessons since she was a little kid and always gets so anxious she wants to puke before going onstage. In contrast to her quiet and subdued mannerisms, her speech is rapid and her accent thick (courtesy of her Newfoundland origins), which sometimes means people misinterpret her as an extrovert.


Maisie has bushy, light brown hair that’s cut to just above her shoulders. The front section is normally braided back to keep it out of her face, although when she oversleeps, she’s forced to a constant battle of trying to tuck her hair behind her ears. She has a pale pink skin tone decorated with a smatter of freckles, especially along her face and shoulders, and she sunburns easily. Her eyes are green and framed by wide round glasses that complement equally round cheeks and her overall chubbier shape. Maisie prefers wearing skirts and dresses, and after growing up with windy ice-cold winters she has perfected the art of using layers and woolen tights to keep her warm all year.


The Newtons hail from St. John’s, Newfoundland. For a project in primary school, Maisie got to trace her family history all the way back to her six-times-great-grandfather, who immigrated to Canada from Edinburgh. They don’t have a lot of Scottish heritage still in their family today, although there’s an essence of it all over Newfoundland, including the “Newfie accent” which is so distinct from the rest of Canada. Maisie’s mother is a trained Healer who runs a small shop of magical and folk remedies, while her father is a fisherman and spends large chunks of the year out at sea. She shares her birthday with her younger sibling, Mackenzie.


Reading novels, writing her own stories, pretty clothes, playing the fiddle (and also listening to fiddle music!), helping out at her mum’s shop, sweets


When her dad is away for too long, having to take the lead in group projects, being stared at or really any sort of prolonged eye contact


Maisie wants to join the school newspaper and start a recurring fiction-story column. Or if that’s not allowed, she’d at least like to write about school events. It would be a good way to stay on top of what’s happening without being in the middle of it herself.