Holland Keene


Written By Sophia

Gender: other
Blood Status: halfblood
Birthday: November 22
Wand: Ebony & Veela hair


Holland is passionate about their interests, confident in who they are, and open to new ideas and experiences. They vary in outlook between optimistic and cynical. Holland describes themself as a paranoid conspiracy theorist; they believe in aliens in a more than socially-acceptable way and have high levels of mistrust for the government, which they believe is complicit in maintaining social inequality and in covering up a number of things the American public has a right to know. Politically, they identify as a left-libertarian. Holland is quick to challenge opinions and defend their position, and enjoys debating. They are usually both a good (neither condescending nor irritable) and bad (cheerfully unwilling to reconsider their own position) debate partner, although they can become heated when the discussion is of a personal nature. They are protective of other queer people, especially those who are young, closeted, or have recently come out. Holland has a talent for charms and is especially interested in long-term enchantments of magical devices like Sneakoscopes and Remembralls. Their interest in both this field and anthropology led them to a career in Curse-Breaking. As of their seventh year, Holland is a flapjack octopus Animagus. Their patronus is a fruit bat.


Holland frequently dyes or charms their short hair different colors, usually leaving the roots their natural brown shade. They are very talented at applying makeup and wear it often, opting for adventurous colors and glitter when they feel more femme and a more conservative look on masculine days. They have good bone structure, blue-green eyes, and strong eyebrow game. Post-puberty, Holland stands at a skinny five-foot-eight. Holland has eclectic taste in clothing and has been known to spend twenty minutes or more putting together a fashionably slapdash-looking outfit, usually tending towards androgynous looks.


Holland came out as non-binary when they were seven years old and has been using they/them pronouns since then. Their parents, Monty and Bryony Keene, were supportive of their transition, and Holland is very close with both of them, although they feel their father can be excessively overprotective at times. Bryony, a witch, owns a small business selling charmed handmade bath products and Monty, a Muggle, works in advertising for non-profit organizations. The Keenes live in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At RMI, Holland formed a close friendship with Emmett Lawrence the day they met, and quickly welcomed him into their friend group of Marissa Kendrick, Dardanius Dubois, and Rose Farnon. During Holland's fifth year at RMI, Holland confronted Lucien Dubois over him repeatedly misgendering them. This incident set most of the school at odds with Lucien, an outcome which surprised and somewhat pleased Holland. That year, they also had a brief relationship with Ruben Lundqvist, which Holland terminated when they discovered that Ruben had physically attacked both Elijah Carthy and Camilla Baird with little provocation. In Holland's seventh year, they began a romantic relationship with Danny Dubois. Despite opposition from Danny's family - especially his sister Claudia, who argued with and hexed both Lyras over the relationship on more than one occasion - Holland remains undeterred and is committed to helping Danny make pureblood society less cissexist and heteronormative. After graduating from RMI, Holland enrolled in a Curse-Breaking program at MIT. They share an apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Marissa (and, occasionally, with Danny and Rose, who visit often).


High-quality makeup, social justice, interesting spells and object enchantments, the free market, unnatural hair colors, high heels, theoretical debates, bath bombs, astronomy, logic puzzles, dystopian fiction, feeling in control.


Being misgendered, bigotry, unnecessarily gendered terms and products, inequality, cissexism, heteronormativity, the government, authoritarianism, dysphoria, being treated like they can't take care of themself.


To answer unsolved mysteries and dismantle patriarchal institutions.