Marissa Kendrick


Written By Cassandra

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Marissa has been told many times that she takes after her father in more than appearance. She inherited her mother's (sometimes mistaken) belief in the good in people and her father's, ah, zest for life. Outspoken and cheerful, Marissa loves challenging the norm. She asks a lot of why's, and isn't satisfied with half-answers. Sometimes her stubbornness and inability to handle being told she can't do something gets her into trouble. For the most part, though, if she breaks a rule, it's out of harmless fun. To her, rules are more like guidelines, anyway.


Marissa has wild, red, curly hair that she's finally learned how to manage with a combination of hair products and charms. Even managed, though, it's likely that you could store small objects, like pencils or a puffskein, in her hair, and it'd be lost for days. She has freckles everywhere; sometimes she jokes that she must be more freckle than person. Her average height and bright smile are compliments of her mom. Her green eyes seem to almost sparkle when she's getting ready to suggest some kind of rule breaking activity needs to be done. Her athletic build comes from dancing since she was six.


Marissa's life, despite the weird family makeup she's part of, has been relatively uneventful. She has a little sister, Kit, who's almost old enough to join her at school. Marissa didn't fall for theater like her mom did. She finds most musicals to be annoying and unrealistic. Instead of having a deep love for musical theater, she'd rather just do specific shows and specific styles. She started taking dance classes when she was six, however, and that's been a strong outlet for her. Not getting to take dance classes as often as she could at a Muggle school was her only issue with coming to RMI. Her parents, Scott Kendrick and Abigale Embers, met at RMI, so she wasn't at all surprised to be going there once she turned eleven. Marissa's grandpa-who-isn't-actually-her-grandpa-but-is-her-grandpa, Garen Tennant, also works at RMI. It's not exactly the reason why she thinks she can get away with pretty much anything, but it helps!