Emmett Lawrence


Written By Casey

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Emmett is the baby of his family, and it shows: he’s a little spoiled and has a tendency to be a bit bratty. He can be a bit cocky and self-absorbed. A lot of that cockiness, however, is a “fake it ‘til you make it” type show to hide his insecurities, but he can sometimes get swept up in it. When he manages to step outside himself, however, he is a genuinely kind person. It just may take some work to get him to lower his guard enough to let the inner sweetheart out. Emmett also uses humor as a coping method, which can be uncomfortable for others if the situation is unfit for jokes.


Unlike his brown haired, brown eyed siblings, Emmett is a blue-eyed blond, taking after his and Mikey’s mother. His cheeks are a bit pink, and he has a somewhat squarish jawline. He is fairly average in height, and he is of a medium build with some light muscle from an athletic upbringing.


Emmett is the second born child to Michael Lawrence, Sr. and his second wife, Avril. He also has an older half-sister, Hestaea, from their father’s first marriage. The Lawrence family possesses moderate wealth, so Emmett has always had everything he needed and most of what he wanted. After hearing discussion of RMI from both his older siblings, he was very eager to grow old enough and see the school for himself. He did not perform any magic until less than a month before his eleventh birthday, and for the longest time, he was terrified he would be a Squib and not get to go, so the day he did magic for the first time was easily one of the best days of his life.