Dakota Farnon


Written By Austin

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: 01/01
Wand: 12 inches, ebony and dragon heartstring


"Sullen" is a word that has been used to describe Dade, although he would object to it, as would his older sister, with whom he is very close. Dade tends towards the secretive and is enthralled by the occult. Although he is very clever and enjoys strategic games, such as Wizard's Chess, he does not do particularly well academically. Dade hates attention and does not make friends easily.


Dade's complexion is darker than those of his older siblings - more like his mother's - and his hair is black instead of brown or blonde. He usually wears robes in dark colors. His eyes are hazel - more green than brown - and seem weirdly mismatched with his hair. Dade's eyebrows are rather heavy and make him seem more serious.


Dade is the youngest of the three Farnon children and grew up at Farnon Manor in England with his older siblings. He has always been especially close to his older sister Rose, who frequently defends him and his interests to their father, who disapproves both of Dade's interest in the occult and his lack of success in school. Aside from Rose's tempestuous relationship with their father, Dade's childhood was relatively normal. His mother died when he was born, which has contributed to his closeness with his six-years-older sister.


Learning, cats, books, and being left alone.


Bugs, cold weather, and social events (especially when he has to wear dress robes)


to learn enough spells that people will leave him alone