Remington Burnham


Written By Cassandra

Gender: female
Blood Status: halfblood
Birthday: July 23
Wand: Alder with Jackalope Antler core, 10 3/4"


Remington is endlessly curious about the world around her. She's bubbly, friendly, and loves to have a good time. She wants to do well in school. In Muggle schools, she had a flair for language arts, but sometimes struggled with the rigidity of math. She really hopes that magical subjects are more like reading and writing, and less like time tables and long division. She's excited to have some independence from home, too. She adores her parents, but it's thrilling to be in a place away from them. She wants to get to learn about herself, and she wants to make plenty of friends. When befriended, Remy is fiercely loyal, even if that loyalty ends up being misplaced.


Remington's skin is darker, like coffee with a decent amount of cream, and her eyes are brown. She has bouncy, often tangled, dark brown hair. She usually has some kind of hair clip or hair bow trying to keep it out of her face. The hair bows, especially, are unique; her dad makes them in his spare time. Her face is round and her body is still clinging to just that last little bit of baby fat that refuses to go away. She loves bright colors, loves glitter even more, and already is excited to dabble in makeup. It's usually just a slightly colored lip smacker, but she imagines being a makeup fashionista someday. Appearances don't matter too much to her self-esteem; they're just really fun to play with!


Remington (affectionately called Remy) was born after her parents had been married for three years. Her parents, Mark and Yanessey, both have very interesting jobs, but that didn't make her childhood different or bad. From what Remington knows, her life has been pretty normal! She's an only child. Her dad has an at-home business that allows him to throw adult parties. More often than not, he seems to book parties for bored soccer moms. The African American Muggle doesn't mind that much, and it only ever creates an awkward moment every now and again (like when Remington has to tell him he has out the wrong candy bowl for guests). Her mom, Yanessey, is a Muggle anthropologist. She focuses the most on the sociocultural aspect of the Muggle world; her goal is to hopefully help the magical world understand the norms and values of American Muggle society more deeply. This is actually how she met her husband. Remington alternated between Muggle school and homeschooling. It was hard to really determine which world she belonged in. When RMI sent her an acceptance letter, Remy snatched up the opportunity to go and ran with it. Her parents are very supportive of her choices and are happy to let her take the reins of her education, even though they'll miss her while she's at school.


Flair pens, classes, new people, friends, BOWS




Remington wants to do well in school and learn everything she possibly can. She's interested in pursuing anthropology like her mom, but she hasn't settled on anything for sure.