Claudia Dubois


Written By B

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Claudia is quiet, shy, and introverted. She doesn't mind people being around her but she is anxious that if she joins in she will be judged, so she would usually rather sit on the sidelines. Yet if given sufficient encouragement she would give most activities a try, especially if there is nobody around to see her. She is quietly accepting of everyone - while not exuberant herself, she doesn't mind those who are. However Claudia is sensitive and easily upset, so might take more offence than was intended. She is happy in the company of others as long as she's not in the limelight, and is happy to be on her own providing there is an activity to occupy her. Claudia is not proficient at finding her own fun.


Of slim, petite stature, Claudia has skin prone to tanning, thin, pale lips and big brown eyes. She has straight, dark blonde hair with a central parting that is equally likely to be worn up or down. She thinks she is quite plain-looking, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Her wardrobe is mostly compiled of attractive, age-appropriate robes and dresses. She does own pants but doesn't want people to think she is a tomboy so she doesn't wear them often. Claudia bites her fingernails when she is nervous (which is often) so sometimes wears gloves inside to prevent this and to stop other people seeing her ruined, bleeding fingertips.


Claudia is the youngest child and only daughter of Ivy Tallow, previous student at RMI. She is the younger sister of Dardanius Dubois. Her family are pureblood and well-off, but Claudia would prefer it if people didn't necessarily make judgments about her based on that. Claudia has self-diagnosed social anxieties. She survived her first year making no firm friends but identifying those with whom she is more likely to get along, and otherwise trying to get by unnoticed.