Francine Holtz


Written By Casey

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


She lies at a delicate balance between maturity and immaturity. Francine is good in a situation that requires adulthood and often tries to push herself to grow up faster, but in many ways she is rather childlike in nature most of the time. In a similar balance, she is both very fragile and very strong, and her energy is spent primarily in two ways: being friendly and pushing down her insecurities. Overall, she is very gentle and very kind to everyone except herself.


Francine has long, wavy blonde hair that sort of always seems like it needs to be brushed more. She has blue eyes set in a somewhat round face, and her teeth are slightly off. As if her nose. She has pale skin and a rather small frame, and although she stands around, if not above, average height for her age, she tends to appear smaller. Francine often dresses in flowy and colorful clothing to distract from her size, of which she is self-conscious. She recently began wearing a fidget ring.


Francine and her twin brother, Nick, are the children of Speranza and Frank Holtz. Frank is a Muggleborn lawyer, and Speranza is a disowned DeMarco turned home remedy potion brewer. Francine and her brother were therefore raised with a mixed magical and Muggle childhood, featuring Muggle elementary school and some magical excursions. Solidly situated in the middle class, it has been a comfortable and fairly happy childhood thus far, with little interaction with their mother’s magical family since her disownment long ago.