Raja Nazari-Richards


Written By Casey

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: February 21st


While he can be a bit quiet and reserved when put into new and unfamiliar situations, Raja is typically a very energetic, very happy-go-lucky kid. He likes to play things by his own rules and considers most contemporary structured “right and wrong”s of the world far too oversimplified. Raja likes to goof around but knows when enough is enough and can abide by authority when necessary, although he finds doing so a horrible bore. He is a sports enthusiast, particularly Quidditch and baseball as those, being his mother and father’s respective favorites, are the ones he has easiest access to. Beneath the layers of silliness, however, Raja is a sweet kid who could not intentionally harm a fly.


Raja is of a rather stringy build; he is rather skinny, and while he is not too tall yet, he shows promise of height with puberty. He has light brown skin and dark brown eyes. His head is a bit long, and his face is rather thin. Currently, his ears are a little too big for his head, but he should grow into them.


Raja is the child of first-generation immigrants from India. His parents moved the United States before he was born to establish a new, better life. They lived on the edge between lower and middle class while raising their son. They had just enough money to go the occasional Quidditch match. However, when he was six years old, their house suffered a major gas explosion, killing both of Raja’s parents and landing him in the hospital. When he was eventually released, he was introduced to the American foster system. He was placed in the care of recently-approved foster parents Don and Bailey Richards. Almost instantly, Bailey knew this fostering thing was not for her: she wanted to keep him, permanently. After a frustrating process of paperwork and testimonies, Raja was adopted, officially becoming a member of the Richards family. Raja was a little slow to open up to them, but he felt an immediate kinship with the Richards. It was his choice to add their name to his, in addition to keeping his birth name to honor his biological parents. After the first couple years, he began referring to Bailey and Don as his mom and dad. They are now a family of four, adding a biological Richards child, their daughter Skylar, to the family when Raja was nine.