Hunter Ioma


Written By Noah

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: July 14th
Wand: Spruce and Dragon Heartstring, 11 inches


Hunter is an energetic and impulsive boy with a quick wit and disarming smile. He is aggressively not shy around new people and makes friends easily. He's always excited to try new things and always wants to do so with others, often running off with whomever happens to be nearby. He tends to be oblivious to ill-intentions in others, unconsciously assuming everyone always means well.


Hunter is short for his age with a wiry build. He keeps his flaming red hair short and it tends to stick up, especially after it's washed. He does little to maintain his appearance, leaving him perpetually somewhat scruffy. He wears it well though, always somehow managing to look like he meant it to be that way.


Hunter was adopted at age two by a pair of strong-willed liberal muggles with family money. Mindful of their money, they ensured Hunter was brought up on public access and was exposed to as much diversity as they could manage. Although this helped him reduce the degree to which he took for granted what he and his family had, he relates to the world just slightly differently than everyone around him. Hunter's parents continued to adopt children, and he has two younger siblings. Hunter was fascinated by the quodpot demonstration his first year at RMI, and early in his third year he attempted to create his own quod. His attempt was disastrously successful, and he spent the remainder of the year recovering from the resulting injuries. During his recovery he continued to work on his quod recipe, and shortly before returning to RMI to repeat his third year he managed to create a quod with a significantly larger impact radius and larger and more colorful flash and audible bang than a regulation quod, though with only marginally more force and much less singing. He has not put any effort into creating a deactivating solution for the pot and regulation quodpot solution will not deactivate his quods.


Exploration, physical activity, flashy magic, wisecracks, being outside.


People being harsh or rude, classes that don't require a wand or broom, being bored.