Teal Rosse


Written By Bernadette

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Teal’s family has encouraged her to be independent and curious, and she’s spent hours playing in the woods behind their house in Oregon. Somewhere between “spirited” and “obnoxious”, she isn’t so much spoiled as indulged. The headstrong twelve-year-old thinks she’s far more grown-up than she is, but despite her tendency towards sarcasm, she still listens to and values her parents’ advice. Teal is a very determined young girl; whatever she decides to do, she focuses on intently. Previous projects include: training the family iguana, Godzilla, to rear up on his hind legs, building a shelter in the woods, and baking a four-layer cake for her mom’s birthday. She treats her schoolwork in the same way -- scoring high marks not for achievement’s sake, but because she genuinely loves learning.


Teal looks like both her parents, with her father’s dark eyes, her mother’s fair skin, and her light brown hair a combination of the two. Her face is so befreckled, it appears someone splattered her with paint. She’s already tall for her age but still childishly skinny. Teal has (unfortunately) inherited her father’s taste in clothing, liking brightly-colored robes with enchanted designs. Recently, she’s taken to mismatched socks, especially since half her robes haven’t kept up with her growth spurt.


Teal Bridget Rosse’s name was, unsurprisingly, on RMI’s roster from the day of her birth. She spent her earliest years in staff quarters with her parents, Potions Professor Juliet Audrey and Charms/Magical Sciences Professor Ward Rosse. Eventually the family moved to Oregon, and Ward took a job at Wallowa Mountain Academy, but they still keep in close touch with their friends at the school.