Sonia Nanda


Written By Vedika

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Sonia used to be quite the rebel in her twenties and though she’s mellowed out with time, she can still be loud and proud when the situation calls for it. Though she isn’t judgmental, she is very quick to cut ties with people she deems problematic. She believes strongly in being forthright and direct and has made it her goal to disrupt school politics wherever she sees it. An extrovert, Sonia can be extremely charismatic and genuinely enjoys getting to know people. She also gets bored very easily and hates having too much downtime. The quickest way to annoy Sonia is to mumble or be indecisive. A woman of action, she takes risks and runs with ideas, never letting the occasional bad decision keep her from making progress. At heart she is a nerd who loves learning about history, mythology, magical creatures, and aliens.


Sonia is 5’5” and slender. She has shoulder length curly black hair with a few grey hairs here and there. A large tattoo of a Romanian Longhorn dragon decorates her back. Sonia’s eyes are dark brown, almost black, and she has near perfect teeth. A long burn scar stretches across her left forearm, an injury she gained during her twenties that no longer causes her any pain. Sonia occasionally dresses in traditional Indian clothes but otherwise sticks to traditional western clothing and robes.


Sonia was born and raised in Queens, NY. Her parents emigrated from India years ago and work as professors for the magical division of the City University of New York (CUNY), which has campuses across the state. Her mom teaches Ancient Runes while her dad teaches History of Magic. Sonia herself majored in History of Magic in college and then became a HoM professor after getting her teaching degree. She taught the class for years before realizing she was more interested in running schools than teaching at them. It was while getting her masters in Wizarding Educational Administration that she began dating Aditi, a muggle computer programmer who had moved to NYC after going through a divorce. Aditi has three kids from her previous marriage, Armaan, Rhiya, and Dhruv, who were eight, five, and four respectively at the time. When Sonia finished her masters, she was offered the Deputy Head position at RMI. By that point Sonia and Aditi had been dating for four years and it was a relatively easy decision to move to Boulder together, especially as Rhiya and Dhruv would be heading to school soon. Sonia has been Deputy Headmistress since T22.