Andres Fernández


Written By Daniel

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born


It's not so much that Andres is antisocial, it's more that he's always trying to explain himself to people. While he does enjoy having conversations with people, Andres almost always messes up a sentence he's trying to say. This causes him to usually wave his hands really awkwardly while trying to talk and over-explain himself. An anxiously quirky kid, he seems to make friends wherever he goes.


A little on the short side (4'9), this small cuban has a small frame and is dark skinned. With a shaggy mop of dark brown hair, which usually cover his dark brown eyes, his face is usually in a scared worried expression. Usually wearing dark colored shirts as well as cargo shorts, he's often taunted for looking like a Hispanic elf.


Andres has always been a particularly mundane boy: even when he was a toddler, he would listen to all the rules and do whatever his family asked of him (the quintessential Hispanic son). His mother would pray for all her children, however from a very early age she's always prayed the most for Andres (seeing that strange occurrences always seemed to happen to him). When he was 8, he fell off a tree that he was climbing and after coming to, his mother swore that she had seen him float down. She's been convinced that Andres has several guardian angels; those guardian angels came to visit her when Andres turned 11, notifying her that her son was "un brujo". Although it took several visits and displays of magic for his mother to finally be convinced, she has only used this as an excuse to pray over him even more (to negate the effects of the "brujeria" of course). This has made Andres non-religious, not that he would ever tell his mother that. After going to a public school for magically gifted children for two years, his mother decided to move from their house in New Jersey near Andres's grandmother who lives secluded by herself in California. It was there that he was picked up under RMI's radar.