Tains Basilio


Written By Nats

Gender: female
Blood Status: halfblood


Tains can often be caught running late to class, as she had an awful sense of time and organization. She tries her hardest to follow the rules but her body is often three steps ahead of her mind. She holds rules to a high standard, even though her curiosity often result in her breaking them. She often tries to play off bad situations with a smile, often with little success. She tries the same with awkward situations but only succeeds in making them more awkward. She doesn’t do well with confrontation with authority figures if she does something wrong. She often freezes up and goes with what they say, even if they’re wrong. It’s different when she comes to others. She often jumps to her friends defense, even at her own expense. She is a very sympathetic and empathetic person, who often puts the needs of others before her own. She genuinely wants others to be happy. Part of that however, is the desire for people to like her. She figures if she does things for people, they’ll respect her. As a result, she’s easy to manipulate. She is someone who over romanticizes things easily. She’s a sucker for cheesy novels, and loves to think the best of any situation and person, even if the truth is blatant. She prefers to live in a fantasy world of her own making if it means avoiding a painful truth. She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to academia. She’s easily distracted and easy to overwhelm. She tends to put things off, reassuring herself she’ll get done in time, only to end up having to finish work last minute. Even if it’s really bad, she always pushes herself to turn something in. She greatly admires those who do know how to work and those who manage to succeed. She’s much more the athletic type then anything else and enjoys sports. She likes the hyper focus it allows her and feels like she really connects with her fellow team members when she’s on the field. Unfortunately, she tends to distract herself with sports at the cost of her grades.


Tains is of average height and average build for someone her age. She has brown hair she often puts into two braids. She has tan skin and brown eyes. She likes to wear tank tops and basketball shorts and can often be seen with bruised knees and elbows. She’s also missing a front tooth she knocked out while playing sports (it was a baby tooth, so it’ll grow back eventually.)


Her father is a pureblood who, when he was younger, had an affair with a muggle woman that resulted in Tains. Her mother was completely unaware of his magical abilities. For a time, he sent money to her mother, partly to support her and partly to keep her quiet. When Tains began to show signs of magic, her mother decided she could not handle the situation herself. She turned Tains over to her father, giving him the ultimatum to take her or she would put Tains up for adoption. Her father’s family emphasized personal responsibility, so he took her in. For a while it was quite tense as the family was found out about the affair and had to accommodate Tains into their pureblood lifestyle. For much of her life, Tains has been shoved to the side. While not treated terribly, she is ignored, her personal thoughts and opinions dismissed. She is often told she should be thankful for where she is and should just accept what is given to her instead of asking for more. Tains hasn’t seen her mother since she joined her father at age seven and still finds parts of her life in a pureblood household difficult to adjust to. Tains had to get used to her stepmother and her three pureblood siblings. She’s also had to get used to a new pureblood extended family. She finds herself increasingly drawn to her younger cousin Nalo, who seems to be one of the few who doesn’t care about her position as a half-blood bastard. She is equal parts excited and nervous to be starting off as a first year in RMI.