Armaan Bansal


Written By Vedika

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Armaan considers himself an artist, first and foremost. He’s really interested in music – he plays the guitar, piano, and violin – and hopes to start a band once he graduates. He dedicates time each day to practicing his instruments and has started composing his own songs. Armaan knows he is a skilled musician and that has made him quite arrogant, though he argues “it’s important for an artist to be confident”. Despite being academically adept, he only puts time and effort into the subjects that interest him, namely Spellwork and DADA, while scraping by in the rest of his classes. He figures that as long as he’s not failing and isn’t causing anyone harm he should be allowed to do whatever he wants with his time. Quick to anger and quick to laugh, he is an open book and enjoys spending time with his friends though he can get easily offended when people joke around too much. Armaan knows he’s young and handsome, feels invincible, and intends to make his last years at RMI memorable.


Armaan is tall, lanky, and still growing. He takes his appearance very seriously as he considers it a reflection of who he is and how he sees himself. He tends to wear skinny jeans and faded t-shirts under his robes and can almost always be seen wearing a dark green beanie. He has brown eyes, tan skin, and black hair that gets curly when grown out. Armaan recently tried out a new haircut that he quite likes – his hair is kept short except at the top, which he has grown out so it flops over his forehead messily. His mom thinks he looks ridiculous, but he doesn’t care. Over the summer he got both his ears pierced and naively thought his mom wouldn’t notice. When she did he was promptly grounded, not for getting his ears pierced but for not being careful about where he had it done.


Armaan is the oldest child in his family and has two younger siblings, Rhiya and Dhruv, who also attend RMI. Both his parents are muggles. When he was six his mom, Aditi, divorced his dad, Steve, and moved with Armaan and his siblings from California to NYC. The divorce was messy and the move didn’t help the situation. Unable to confide in his siblings who were much younger than him, he was left to muddle through the experience on his own which ultimately led to him taking more control over his life becoming more independent as he grew older. Armaan’s interest in music comes from his dad, Steve, who tried making it as a musician years ago before giving up on the dream, though he stills plays in a band during his free time. Armaan looks up to Steve a lot and spends time with him each summer. He was upset when Sonia, RMI’s current Deputy Headmistress, began dating his mom, and doesn’t like the fact that she works at RMI and can keep an eye on him at school. He has accepted her presence in his life however and appreciates that she makes his mom happy but is more reserved around her. Armaan transferred to RMI with the rest of his family at the start of his fourth year, when Sonia became Deputy Headmistress. Though he initially had a hard time adjusting to RMI he has since become quite comfortable at the school and made good friends.