Dhruv Bansal


Written By Vedika

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Dhruv is a good natured and inquisitive kid who doesn’t have a problem getting answers to questions on his own. He is a natural leader and a very conscientious person who makes a special effort to befriend students who find themselves on the sideline. A hard-working student, he enjoys all of his classes but has a particular fondness for Potions because of its structured nature. In fact, Dhruv appreciates structure and rules in general not for any moral reason but because it helps keep him grounded. He looks up to his brother, Armaan, and considers his sister, Rhiya, who is only one year older than him, his partner in crime.


Dhruv is short for his age and all bones because he never eats enough. As the youngest child he often gets stuck wearing hand-me down clothes from his brother, Armaan, which he hates because they’re always big on him. He has brown eyes and thin, straight black hair that he keeps short, though the idea of growing his hair out a bit so he can spike it up with gel is appealing to him more and more. Dhruv has worn glasses since he was 10 years old and is very protective of them even though his number is relatively low.


Dhruv was born in Los Angeles, California but doesn’t really remember it as he moved to NYC when he was two after his parents got divorced. Though he still sees his dad, Steve, each year he doesn’t feel very close to him. He loves spending time with his mom, who encourages his inquisitive nature, and adores her partner Sonia, RMI’s Deputy Headmistress, whom he considers his second parent. Dhruv was 10 years old when he moved to Colorado and found it difficult to attend another school for a year while his siblings, Rhiya and Armaan, became students at RMI. The year apart from his siblings ended up being good for him though, as he became more independent and began cultivating his own interests. A likeable kid, Dhruv has found it easy to adjust to RMI and loves that he is a part of the Wizarding World.