Estelle Blair


Written By Sasha

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: July 28
Wand: Holly with kelpie hair, 9 1/2"


Estelle is known for being firm of mind. Sharp-tongued with a firm willingness to claim her opinions, she takes her professional position seriously; she expects every eye to be on her when at the front of a room and puts pressure on her students and colleagues alike. She can be easily seen as intimidating, and encourages this perspective, finding it equal parts amusing and useful. Despite the aggressive approach she takes to her academic career, Estelle does have a sense of personal care for the people around her. Her inherent bluntness makes it difficult to provide encouragement or reassurance in the normative sense, but she'll make an effort. Her sense of humour is heavily geared towards sarcasm, and it slips out regularly.


The most noticeable thing about Estelle is her height. Standing at only 4'10, she can easily be mistaken as a student from the back, although in reality she is well past the stage of "student" and even "young adult". Her wardrobe is practical, comprising mainly jeans or khakis and simple cotton blouses, and always her trusty pair of ethically-obtained dragonhide boots that have the added benefit of giving her an extra inch of height. She has brown hair in a simple but somewhat outgrown pixie-cut. Her tanned face is more rounded, but she has a strong jawline, and her eyebrows arch commandingly over dark eyes. There is an enchanted black tattoo of an octopus on the back of her right hand whose tentacles are constantly gliding in lazy circles around her fingers and wrist. The only jewelry she wears are her engagement and wedding rings. See:


Estelle Blair-West, or Estelle Blair as she is known professionally, was born and raised in a Pureblooded family of New South Wales, Australia. Her father, an aquatic magizoologist, died when she was young, and she subsequently wound up taking more of an authoritative role while helping her mother raise her younger brothers Cooper and Noah (although, perhaps ironically, this didn't lend itself to her gaining any skill for cooking or cleaning until much later in life). As a child, Estelle attended the New Zealand Academy of Magic alongside her brothers, and graduated with high honours. She returned to Sydney to study archaeology at the Australian National University. Graduating early and launching directly into a Master's programme under the university's magical sector, she was attracted to the history of Arabic wizardry and narrowed her degree specialization to magical development theory in Egypt. Her thesis and early research was completed on ancient shamanism. It was after completing her Master's degree that Estelle applied to teach at RMI. Her studies on ancient magical societies made her a good candidate for the Cultural Studies professorship, and over the following six years, Estelle revamped the curriculum to include a more comparative focus for teaching about the external magical and muggle worlds. In additional to the professional fulfillment she found at RMI, she also discovered it was personally fulfilling as it was through RMI that she met her future husband, then-Foretelling Arts professor Liam West. Estelle's departure from RMI was cued when her excavation project proposal was accepted by Cairo University. Unbeknownst to her at the time, this departure wound up being a hiatus rather than a permanent leave. She spent twenty months working with her husband and several other archaeologists in the Saqqara pyramid field, although her direct involvement was cut short by her pregnancy. Once their research had been completed, her paper was published by the wizarding faction of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. Estelle took a brief maternity leave before agreeing to return to RMI: Cultural Studies was in need of a professor once again, and Estelle had fond memories of her first round teaching. Of course, she would answer the call.


Egypt, deserts, sand in general, good Aussie pubs, her family and brothers and practically-sister Bailey (duh), classical music, skeletons, roaring fireplaces, cheerfully putting students in detention for Minor Bad Things.


Her oldest younger brother when he's being an idiot (but it's always funny, too), having a largely useless animagus form (but it's occasionally very useful so that makes it at least mediocre overall), disciplining students for Real Bad Things (but she does take advantage of it for upping her intimidation factor).


At this point in life, Estelle's pretty content. She has a Master's degree, two large research projects, and several publications under her belt; she's on her 8th year teaching at RMI (cumulative, not consecutive); and she has a wonderful husband and son, not to mention the cutest goddaughter ever. What more could she ask for?