Corriander Terrance


Written By Tobias

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood


A bit of a party boy and a bit of a flirt. He'll do what he needs to but puts the "Pro" in procrastinator. Corriander (Corri) is pretty easy-going, probably the most non-judgemental person you'll ever meet. He fits the stereotypical "Slacker" archetype, since most of the time he kind of goofs around during class. However, he really does listen and can keep his grades up despite seemingly doing nothing super productive. He lives mostly in the moment and can be a bit impulsive, but he's ambitious and determined, sometimes to the point of stubbornness. Corri suffers from Sleep Paralysis, including the nightmares that go with it. Usually they consist of a snake or something eating him, and he can't move to get away from it. These are the only things that really phase him, other than someone trying to make a move on him.


Corriander tends to keep his straight, mousey brown hair in a short somewhat spiky ponytail, but if he lets it down it rests just above his shoulders, with a side-part and a fringe swooped to the side. He has a kind of rough-and-tumble pretty boy face going on, a smooth jawline and sharp cheekbones. His skin, although prone to burning, is a light tan colour. While he isn't bulky, Corri still has noticeable muscle on him, like a runner. He stands at a nice even 6-foot. He has chocolate brown eyes and normally wears a black sleeveless hoodie and shorts or pants.


Corri comes from a family of four. Him, his twin brother Jonathan, and his mother and father. Their mother, Kyna, hails from Ireland, and their father, Timothy, is American, and chose to take her last name. Their mother handled the Magical aspect of Corri's life whereas their father handled the Muggle aspect. Though their family is a bit lower middle class, they still live a comfortable life. Their mother works as a teacher and their father is a bartender. Corri and Jonathan were in the same school until their third year, when Corri transferred to RMI at his mother's recommendation.