Aaron McKindy


Written By Austin

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Aaron is a bizarre mixture of reserved and flamboyant. He is uncofortable around most people, espeically adults, and by far prefers the company of animals or a good book. Despite this, he does care deeply about the people his is close to and is loyal to a fault - although his insecurities can get in the way of this loyalty. In general, Aaron tends to avoid conflict as much as possible and can consequently have a shaky relationship with honesty.


Although he is Irish as well, the Italian genes have mostly prevailed in Aaron. He stands at 6'5" with wavy black hair and gray-green eyes. He isn't muscular but is more fit than you might imagine due to his love of Quidditch. If you find Aaron wearing robes, they will have been charmed with a moving pattern (his favorite set of robes is dark crimson with a silver dragon that snakes around them). More typically, Aaron wears Muggle t-shirts and jeans with sneakers spelled for durability to avoid having to go shoe-shopping more than necessary.


Aaron was born in Upstate New York to an Irishman, Joseph McKindy, and an Italian, Noleta DeMarco of the influential (and perhaps less than above-board) DeMarco family. Noleta died in childhood and Joseph died in a duel fifteen years later. Aaron is a triplet, and he and his two brothers attended La Academia Italiana for their magical schooling, where Aaron was a Chaser for the school team. Upon graduation, Aaron was offered a position as a reserve Chaser for the Italian National Team, which he was forced to turn down at the behest of his grandfather and the family patriarch, Vito DeMarco. Shortly afterward, his brother Isaac committed suicide under questionable circumstances after being offered a politically advantageous betrothal. Aaron refused to step into his brother's place in the betrothal, and was consequently disowned. After being disowned, Aaron spent several years working odd jobs in the Muggle world befor accepting a position as Charms professor at Sonora Academy of Magic, where he became enamored with the Astronomy professor, Declan Chatterjee. Not much resulted from their relationship and when Deck left Sonora Aaron soon followed, choosing to work in industry in Japan. After a short while, Alessandro Guido, Headmaster of Rocky Mountain International and Aaron's second cousin, asked Aaron to step in at RMI as the Quidditch Coach. At RMI, Aaron met Garen Tennant and after a relatively brief courtship, the two were married. When Alessandro was made aware of their relationship, he subseqently fired Aaron who returned to Sonora for a time. Garen and Aaron became registered foster parents in the state of Colorado and began fostering a pair of siblings, Cooper and Melody Abramson. Additionally, one of Aaron's two illegitimate daughters - who had been conceived during his time in the Muggle world, unbeknownst to him - began to live with them. However, the stress of a long distance relationship began to affect him and when Declan Chatterjee was also rehired by Sonora Academy, they began an affair. After an incriminating note was sent to the apartment Aaron and Garen shared, Garen discovered the affair and immediately ended his relationship with Aaron. Shortly after, Aaron left Sonora and spent several months holed up in a cabin belonging to his friend - and former boss - Sadi Powell. There, he studied to become an Animagus. As it turned out, his Animagus form is a border collie. After a visit with Garen in which Aaron insisted he be allowed to ward the other man's apartment and was refused, Aaron spent some time impersonating a border collie that Garen took as a pet of sorts. After a few months he was unable to constantly maintain his Animagus form and awkwardly turned back into a person one night after Garen had fallen asleep. Managing to extricate himself from that situation, Aaron returned to Boulder, Colorado and began working as the librarian in a magical K-8 school, Rock Creek Elementary. Later, he admitted to Garen the real reason he had been in Garen's apartment the night his transformation failed, and although Garen did not report him to any magical authority, things between the two men became very icy. However, Aaron's daughter Jessie, a dragonkeeper typically stationed in South Africa, had become pregnant. Disinclined to parent, she asked Garen - who adored children - if he would like to adopt the baby. Garen agreed, and due the birth of Andrew Tennant the relationship between Garen and Aaron began to defrost. Shortly after the birth of Garen's daughter, Madeleine (whose birth mother was also Jessie), Aaron and Garen sorted out their differences and tentatively began to date again. Four years after they resumed their relationship, Aaron applied to RMI once more as a Spellwork professor and was accepted, at which point Aaron and Garen began living with each other again.