Leopold Harris


Written By Niamh

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood
Birthday: 15 September


At thirteen Leo wants to be viewed as the height of cool.However, as any really cool kid knows it is important that people think he doesn’t care what they think. As a result he puts on a false bravado which is not always very convincing. Leo frequently twists the truth to appear more interesting and tells exaggerated stories.Due to his insecurity he is quick to take offense and frequently got into brawls during his early months at RMI. Although he has mellowed out in the years that followed he is still prone to react rashly to any perceived slights. This has cost him more than a few friendships.. Although he complains about hanging out with younger student he is actually is pleased when younger children look up to him. He takes pride in looking after his younger siblings and enjoys their incorrect assumption that he knows everything. He doesn’t like to think of people being lonely so makes an effort to befriend those he frequently sees alone; whether they want his company or not. Leopold is not very academic. He prefers subjects that require a lot of wandwork and a more hands on approach otherwise he becomes easily bored. Leopold is known to spend more time doodling on parchment than doing any arithmetic and has fallen asleep in astronomy on more than one occasion.The more Leo teases someone the more he likes them.


Leo’s overall appearance is rather shabby. His blonde locks are In need of a good haircut. He often pushed his hair behind his ears to keep it cover his face. Leo has hazel eyes which are often narrowed in concentration. He is short sighted but hardly ever wears his glasses. Previously one of the smaller kids in his year, Leo is in the middle of a growth spurt making his movements clumsy. He has a small jagged scar beneath his chin and his clothing has a worn and washed out appearance. Everything Leopold owns he's had for a while. In the Harris household you wear a pair of sneakers until they fall apart.


Leopold is the son of muggleborn Abigail Harris and the second oldest of five. He does not know his biological father but frequently dreams up versions of who the man could be. Leo moved around a lot in his early years. However after his mom’s boyfriend left her they settled down in Los Angeles where she met Jeb. Leopold was initially uncertain about Jeb but in time he came to think of him as a stepfather.Jeb and Abigail have two children together, Jude and Elisa. Jeb is a kind and sensitive man whom Leo thinks of favourably. The Harris family are frequently short of extra cash. Jeb is a self-employed plumber but not a very successful one. His mom’s partner does not have much of a mind for business. He tells customers to pay him whenever they have a few spare dollars. As a result he often gets paid late or not at all. As he has gotten older Leo has become frustrated with Jeb’s inability to bring home the bacon.His mom is a homemaker who spends her time caring for his younger siblings.She is the disciplinarian of the family and does a very good “I’m so disappointed in you look”. A muggleborn, she never felt at home in the magical world and as a result Leopold is more familiar with the muggle world. Before coming to RMI, Leo and his older sister Brandy were very close. However in recent years they have begun drifting apart as they find they have little in common anymore.