Sorsha Nolan


Written By Suzanne

Gender: female
Blood Status: halfblood


Sorsha has a bold personality. She's lively but not very dependable, often forgetting promises or things that she's said she would do. She's zany and is often described as an airhead, as she gets distractedly easily. If you manage to get her attention and hold it, she's quite intelligent and is often good at giving advice. The rest of her family considers her to be quite nurturing, even if she's not great at showing it.


Sorsha has the typical olive skin of someone from the Irish Isles, complete with dark brown hair that hangs short and a set of deep grey eyes. She’s not terribly tall, standing at a mere 5’3” (although she finds some pride in that she’s the tallest female in her home). She keeps her hair just below her shoulders, the natural curls causing it to sit between her chin and the base of her neck. She keeps mainly to flowy tops and skinny jeans. She’s got one piercing through her right eyebrow, the only sign of her rebellious phase in her early teens.


Sorsha was born to a muggle mother and a magical father, both natives of Ireland. She grew up there with no other siblings, but plenty of cousins on her mother’s side to keep her company. Her father, a pureblood, was disowned after marrying the muggle woman, although he expresses no regrets about his choices. The man went so far as to take up a muggle occupation instead of a magical one. Sorsha grew up knowing of magic, as her father did not hide anything from her mother after their marriage. When the girl was of age, she began attending RMI instead of Hogwarts to avoid any unfortunate interactions with her father’s side of the family. During her third year at RMI, her mother gave birth to a baby boy, adding to the family although it's still not certain as to whether he has any kind of magical ability. They now live on the Atlantic coast in the Kerry county, leaving both children speaking mostly Gaelic, but also raised with broken English that (in Sorsha’s case) has improved over time.