Camilla Baird


Written By Maria

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: September 9


Camilla is a resentful young lady. She is usually angry at the world, though she is quite smart. The blonde girl has lived under the idea that she wasn't good enough to be part of his father´s family. She has been a very bad kept secret, especially with the resemblance she shares with Hector Edwards. She hates being reminded of the family bond she doesn't have with him, his wife and her younger siblings. She is very reserved, but is snobbish when she has to. Even when she isn't a real “Edwards” she doesn't forget her roots.However, now that she isn't in a place where her father’s family is famous she tries to be a bit more social with failed results. Camilla prefers to be alone listening to music or playing the piano, another trait she shares with her father.


Camilla is the spitting image of her father. She is a tall young-woman with long blonde hair and hazel eyes. Most of her features come from her father, but Camilla has her mother’s full lips and big round eyes. She stands at 5´9 with a willowy figure. The blonde would prefer to have a more feminine nose and look less like her father. The blonde is usually seen wearing more comfortable clothes like jeans and leggings than anything too formal. Her mother doesn't really like her fashion sense, but prefers not to interfere with it. Camilla rarely uses formal attire since there is no situation in which she needs to. She does own dresses and formal robes, but they are in her closet grabbing dust.


She is the illegitimate daughter of Hector Edwards and Grace Baird. Camilla was born in November while her parents were still in school. Her mother, Grace, dropped her schooling at Hogwarts after she got pregnant. They lived the first years of her life in a big house in the english countryside. However, as soon as she received her Hogwarts letter they were sent to live in the United States by her father. The Edwards didn't want her to be part of the Hogwarts student body. The Bairds moved to Boston, Massachusetts where Camilla was sent to RMI for her magical schooling. Her mother got married during her third year and 2 years later gave birth to her younger brother. Camilla was legally adopted by her stepfather, but she still refuses to have a relationship with him. Despite not being a legal Edwards, Camilla has a rather plentiful trust fund that was set up by her father when she was born. She knows the money has legal bounds, and as much as she wouldn't want to use it, she does. She has expensive tastes, something her mother influenced since she was a toddler.