Stella Ramiro


Written By Daniel

Gender: female
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Stella is...peculiar, or at least that's what her parents tell the neighbors and family friends. She can often be seen strolling casually through the neighborhood in black veils underneath a black parasol- something she swears to her parents is not a matter of expression, but rather a matter of need. She reads classic horror literature, which she likes to quote occasionally whenever she's feeling particularly friendly. If anyone were to get past her initial first impression, they'd find that she is quite motivated and a hard worker, although she'll deny she's anything of the sort. She likes to stating random facts that make people feel queasy and quite enjoys the company of large dogs.


Stella is surprisingly tall for her age (nearly 5'3), which she enjoys because it makes her tower over her <s>underlings</s> classmates. She has dark, black hair which is almost nearly unkempt, except on the rare occasions that she decides to brush it to screw with people. To her disdain, she has pretty blue eyes (inherited from her mother) which she tries to keep hidden underneath her messy bangs. She likes wearing monochrome outfits, either black dresses with white stripes, or white dresses with black stripes. She often wears an assortment of leggings in different colors (sometimes they don't even match). Despite this she smiles, a lot (they're kinda creepy).


Stella Elizabeth-Maria Ramiro weighed 6 lbs and 12 ounces when she was born, a fact that she likes to brag about to her many, if not all 2 friends. Living a very normal lifestyle, she was brought up by two second-generation Italians living in Pennsylvania. She was brought up with much care and love, and she is very close to both of her parents. She's always had an odd fascination with horror-genre things, including things that are weird and off putting. After being bullied by her classmates for being so weird, she decided to fuck with them and act the role. Since then she's had this entire Wednesday Adams like persona which she likes to abuse to make others feel uncomfortable. She has gone as far as dying her naturally blonde locks completely black. She's always wanted to be a witch, ever since she was little; she'd do things like hang around graveyards and do spells she found on yahoo answers. Ever since, she's moved on to more vampire-like obsessions, but when RMI came knocking to tell her she was a witch, she figured she'd settle for second best.