Magdalena Adler


Written By Niamh

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: 11 May


Magdalena is shy when meeting new people but once more familiar with people she is friendly and eager to please. She is willing to avoid conflict at any cost making her quick to forgive. Because she is always waiting for something to go wrong she finds it difficult to relax and enjoy herself. Magdalena is constantly seeking the approval of others. Her self-esteem is heavily dependent on their judgement of her. She has an intense dislike of change and becomes overly attached to the people in her life. She is drawn to people with strong personalities and quick to idolize them and excuse any of their faults.


Much to her distress Magdalena has often been told she bares a strong resemblance to her older sister. She tries to maintain a polished appearance but is not overly enthusiastic about fashion. Her outfits are often mismatched because she does not take the time to plan them. However, her curly blonde hair is carefully maintained in pigtails. She has hazel eyes and sharp Adler nose which she would describe as bird-like. It is her least favourite feature. She is of average height for her age and has a slight build.


Magdalena is from a pureblood family and lives in the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. She comes from an affluent background. Her father, Ulrich Adler is the owner of a number of successful factories which supply wizarding stores with affordable clothing and accessories. Magdalena’s mother died when she was nine and although their relationship was distant she took the loss hard. Magdalena’s older siblings attended RMI. From a young age Magdalen’s brother encouraged her to take her English lessons seriously as he confided in her that the language barrier had created difficulties for him in school. She is also fluent in French. When he learned she had been accepted to RMI her brother gave her a fluffy ginger cat. She named him Louis. She corresponds constantly with Benjamin and often turns to him for advice.