Alistair Hazelhurst


Written By Isaak

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood


Alistair has always been a rather quiet boy. He finds solace in reading books and desires to escape from the confines of Mississippi where he has lived for most of his life. His mother was always a hopeless romantic, which is a trait that he has acquired, although he doesn't necessarily understand the point of romance. Being only eleven years old, the more sophisticated idea of love is something that has seemingly eluded him; his mothers adoration for dime romance novels has not influenced his generally simple sensibilities. Alistair tends to move more into the science fiction/fantasy genres of literature, and finds himself avoiding or abruptly stopping his consumption when any hint of romance appears. He is loyal to his few friends, although most of the other kids in Hazelhurst found him odd because of his name and the fact that his mother was known as the town 'kook'. He is generous, and has at times given more than he should have away, because if someone needs something more than he does, why should he keep it?


Alistair is still small and scrawny, though if he becomes anything like his father he will not end up being a tall or strong man. The men on his mother's side of the family all reflect that strong, Southern charm that Hollywood has overproduced through the years. He has short brown hair, in a simple cut. Nothing particularly outstanding, as standing out in a small town isn't something to strive for. He has pale blue eyes, which he inherited from his father, and a small, innocent smile that he inherited from his mother, though he hasn't seen her truly smile in a very long time. His wardrobe of choice involves jeans, a simple graphic t-shirt, and rather plain shoes.


Alistair's mother, Annabelle Hazelhurst, is a muggle. She grew up in the same small town of Arcola, Mississippi with dreams of becoming a famous Hollywood actress. She grew up reading romance novels, and biographies of actresses such as Debbie Reynolds, Judy Garland, and Marilyn Monroe; her entire basis for what Hollywood was based in the ideals and dreams of old glamour. She moved to Hollywood the day she turned 18, and began auditioning for studios, and while she was a beautiful girl, the directors and producers of Hollywood were repulsed by her inability to get into character, and her lack of expression when she spoke. After several months of failed auditions, she planned to return to Arcola, when she met Thomas Martix. Thomas and Annabelle encountered each other in a small bar in West Hollywood, and there was an immediate attraction between the two. After several dates, the two decided to elope. Annabelle however, had no idea that Thomas himself was a wizard, and after eloping, she decided to return to Arcola, with her newly found husband. Thomas was a saleswizard who simply wanted to sell ingredients for potions. He was never an ambitious man, and he thought it would be nice to settle down and have an easy life. Thomas also had a proclivity to sell people things that he didn't actually have, and tended to not deliver on his ingredient promises. His escape to Mississippi meant that he could start somewhat fresh, and nobody in the Californian Wizard scene would step foot in someplace like Arcola. While he was a simple man, he still had desires to make even more money, but that could be put on hold. Thomas was always jealous of his cousin, Kaiser, who had come to RMI and become somewhat successful as a performing arts manager for a magical orchestra organization; and even though he knew that his mother and father (Kaiser's aunt and uncle) never wanted to speak to him again, he heard plenty about his exploits and successes from his other cousins. When Thomas and Annabelle arrived in Arcola, Anna's mother threw her daughter out for daring to bring back a 'husband' that had not asked permission to marry their daughter. Anna knew that her mother would probably never speak to her again, and so she and her new husband found a small trailer that they could rent for a temporary (or so she thought) place to stay. After a few weeks, the honeymoon phase had begun to pass, and Thomas became less romantic and caring towards the now pregnant Annabelle. He stayed with her until the pregnancy was over, and during the whole time, neither spoke to the other and Anna became obsessed with finding a way to rekindle their initial spark by reading old Harlequin novels that she found at the local Goodwill store. Thomas had also revealed that he was a wizard to his wife, and if it hadn't been for their soon to be born son, Anna would have sent him packing for his 'black magic ways'. Alistairs name was chosen from the name of the hero of her favorite novel, and Thomas left town shortly after he was born. The first three years, Anna tried her best to raise her newborn son, but she found her perseverance dwindling. By the time Alistair was four, she was basically bedridden from a combination of onset diabetes and her broken heart. Alistair ended up taking care of what he could for the most part, but after a week or so of him trying to find food, he ended up calling the number of the grandparents he never met from his mothers cellphone. He met them almost immediately after that call and he was confused as to why he was taken to his grandparents for a few weeks while his mother 'went to get better'. After a few periods of his mother going to rehab off and on, he went back to living with her, and alternating between staying in their trailer and staying at his grandparents. He noticed that his mother and grandmother avoided being in the same room at the same time, and whenever he asked either of them about his father, he was shushed and told not to speak of 'that man'. He went to a charter school almost an hour away from Arcola as his grandparents attempted to breed him into a similar version of his mother, and he participated in a few activities such as local soccer and playing in the small string orchestra at his charter school. When Alistair received his letter to attend RMI, his family was skeptical about letting him attend, but his mother insisted that he attend, as it was something his father would have wanted. Alistair was shocked that his mother mentioned his father in anything other than a string of naughty words that his grandmother forbade him to say.