Lilly-Anna Shu


Written By Kathy

Gender: female
Blood Status: Muggle-born


A rather social child with an inquisitive mind. She is, as a result, rather gullible. An avid lover of animals, she lives with several pets at home. She is also very adventurous, often times getting herself into trouble in order to figure out whatever it is she has decided to explore that day.She has an incredibly wide imagination which led her to believe in magic long before she knew she was a witch. She can, however, be incredibly bratty when she doesn’t get her way, and tends to be a perfectionist. She is fairly level-headed otherwise. She prefers a small group of close friends to being popular, and while she isn’t shy, it isnt in her personality to seek out friendships either. She prefers to let friends come to her.


Lilly-Anna weighs significantly less than other children her age, and is shorter as well. Gifted from her father’s side of the family is her long black hair and deep brown almond eyes. Her mother gifted her with a far more fair shade of tan than her father’s. She is often found with debris scattered in her long hair, mud on her shoes and tears in her clothes. Her teeth have a slight gap which she hopes will go away as she grows.


Lilly-Anna has led a rather normal life for a girl her age. She started in muggle school at a normal age and did rather well, especially in science. Her mother and father were both non-magical and unaware of the magical world at large. Lilly-Anna didn’t display many indications that told of her magical powers. In fact, if she had, the young girl mostly wrote it off as the work of fairies or other such mystical beings. Her imaginary games often did include magic, though, and she believed with her whole heart that it existed. There were, in fact, two instances where her games of magic contained clues that it wasn’t so much a game as her reality. While exploring the forest near her home she had gotten lost and the batteries in her flashlight had died. She was scared as the forest at night is not as friendly as the one she knew during the day. All cried out from her fears, she realized she would probably have to spend the night outside in the dark. She mentioned wishing that she had some light, when the flashlight in her hand came back to life and lit her way. This helped her find the path and make it home before her parents were too worried. Of course, to her the fairies were helping her get home. Her parents threw away the “defective” flashlight, thinking it must have a broken circuit. The second instance was when she was in the garden leaving out presents for the gnomes that she was sure lived there. After all, what else could those grumpy lumpy potato-men be? A crow was attacking a small orange tabby kitten in the garden. Lilly-Anna became so upset that she yelled at the crow to “GO AWAY!” Somehow, as if there was a strong wind, the crow was blown backward and took off in fright. The kitten, Lilly-Anna was pleased to find, was okay except for a few scratches here and there. She kept the kitten and named it Gnomey after the gnomes she was certain it was protecting. She was often bullied at school due to her gullible nature and her belief in the unknown. At age ten she still believed in Santa despite her parents trying to explain the truth. Her family was, as far as she knew, completely non-magical. However there was a strange uncle of hers that often did some funny magical tricks, but he went away when she was younger. Her mom and dad said that it was to go to the nuthouse because he always talked about no-maj and wizards and the like. Unknown to any of them, he had accepted a job working for the magical United Nations and moved to New York. Until she was told about her magical nature, Lilly-Anna had a normal life like most ten year olds. Running around, playing pretend, and getting into mischief.