Marissa Toladaeri


Written By Vedika

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Marissa is a stickler for rules and spends much of her day prowling the library looking for mischievous students. She often finds herself torn between protecting literature from the hands of messy kids and on the other hand encouraging them to read everything. She keeps hand sanitizer by the library entrance and generally insists all students use it before touching any of the books. Since having her own kids Marissa has become slightly more lax about maintaining the library. While she practices constant vigilance always, she also looks the other way when she sees low key mischief and has started giving students warnings rather than jumping immediately to detention. Though she can come off as cool and distant, Marissa is actually quite nice and helpful and has a soft spot for every student who takes the time to talk to her.


With long brown hair and dark eyes, Marissa can often be found with her nose in a book. She has wrinkles around her eyes from reading in areas without enough lighting and though she used to wear contact lenses when younger, she has since transitioned to wearing red cat-eye glasses. Though she used to be quite thin she has taken on a more matronly appearance since growing older and having kids. She typically wears dark colors and always has a pocket watch hanging from her robes.


Marissa comes from a traditional wizarding family. As a child she was not the most social person to be found. After being bullied for years in school she came to the conclusion that books are nicer than people. She went to the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and worked at the library there for a few years after she graduated. After getting her LIS degree she began working as RMI’s librarian. It was while there that she met Arthur Bennett, the newly hired Herbology professor, and fell in love. They got married a few months after meeting each other and Marissa found herself pregnant soon after. She gave birth to a son, Gareth, at the end of T15. At the end of that same school year, Arthur left RMI to lead a research expedition to Kazakhstan in search for the legendary Vegetable Lamb of Tartary on behalf of the University of Arizona. During those six months, Marissa and Gareth went home to spend time with her family. Once the expedition was over, the family moved to Tucson, where Arthur continued working with the University of Arizona. He traveled a lot in order to conduct research, and when Marissa became pregnant again they both agreed it was time to settle down. Arthur applied and was accepted to the University of Washington where he completed a PhD in Magizoobotany while simultaneously working as a professor at the school. A year into the program, Marissa gave birth to a daughter, Morgan. Once Morgan was a toddler Marissa began working part time at the university’s library as well. As the kids grew older Marissa began thinking about their schooling and leapt at the opportunity to work as RMI’s librarian again. Once she was offered the job Arthur contacted Headmaster Bonilla and presented a curriculum for Magizoobotany. Shortly afterwards he was offered a teaching position as well. The family moved back to Boulder the summer before T25.