Rhiya Bansal


Written By Vedika

Gender: female
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Rhiya is a loud, stubborn, bossy know-it-all. She likes taking control of situations and doesn’t react well when people challenge her plans. A perfectionist, she automatically assumes people have lower expectations than her and deems them unreliable. She puts tremendous pressure on herself to be the best in whatever she does. It has never been difficult for her to excel in class so she throws herself into extracurriculars to keep busy. Though Rhiya is an extrovert and doesn’t have trouble socializing with people, her uptight nature makes it hard for her to make good friends. People find her abrasive and she herself has a hard time trusting people enough to count on them. She is cautious when it comes to revealing her underlying anxieties and insecurities, preferring to hide behind her organized, put-together exterior.


Rhiya is pint-sized but that doesn’t stop her from standing out in a crowd. She has long, curly dark brown hair that she ties up in a messy bun when she needs to focus. Her hazel eyes are framed by long eyelashes and she makes it a point to wear mismatched earrings every day. Rhiya loves converse shoes and owns several pairs in different colors. She is beginning to develop her own sense of style as she gets older.


Rhiya was born in California but grew up in NYC as her mom moved there after divorcing her dad. She still gets to see her dad each year but is unimpressed by his efforts to get to know her. She is much closer to her mom’s partner, Sonia, RMI’s Deputy Headmistress. Rhiya moved to RMI with her family the summer before she became a first-year. Though she likes the school itself she misses the liveliness of New York. She is the middle child in her family; her older brother, Armaan, and younger brother, Dhruv, also attend RMI. She takes advantage of the fact that she is the only girl in the family in order to avoid hand-me down clothes, get special privileges, and get her brothers into trouble occasionally.