Nalo Darsha


Written By Nats

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Nalo is extremely mature and aloof in all his mannerisms. He comes off as cold and rude, especially since he tends to make faces. It’s a good thing he doesn’t care what other people think of him. He dislikes feeling weak and believes arming himself with knowledge is the way to go, often gobbling up books in long reading sessions. He is a very logical thinker and uses that as a defense mechanism. In a way, he tends to hide behind books because people are just too unpredictable for his liking. They tend to make him nervous because he has no idea how they’re going to act. Despite his cold exterior, he actually feels a whole range of emotions. He's just gotten to the point where he is excellent at hiding them and keeping them buried. He can appear angry one minute and then seem completely apathetic the next. He feels his good is never good enough and his lack of confidence in what he can do is what often holds him back from both interacting with people. Unless he’s thoroughly studied something, he doesn’t tackle it, in fear that his lack of extensive know how will lead him to fail. To say he is a perfectionist is an understatement. He has a very dry and blunt way of speaking and doesn’t trust people easily. The chronic pain he feels in his muscles is also an explanation for his irritated demeanor. Despite that, he is actually a really good teacher, as he thoroughly enjoys sharing his interests with others. He likes tutoring other students and while blunt is quite patient. When he actually starts to care for someone, which takes quite a while, he is willing to give them his all. Once he's become close to someone, he is willing to do just about anything for them, as they must've done a lot to gain his trust.


Nalo is lithe in appearance and short for his age. He has heavy lidded, nearly black eyes, which only add to his aloof appearance. He has black, loosely curled hair and dark skin. He doesn’t like to eat, so he is also rather thin for his age. He wears a lot of blues and purples and enjoys wearing high end clothes.


Nalo is the second child in his pureblood family. He grew up in an extremely tight lipped household, where he rarely saw his parents and rarely interacted with them. He was basically raised by an assortment of tutors and nannies. He rarely saw his older sister, Arla, either, as she was being taught how to take the reigns of their family household being the oldest. Growing up isolated, Nalo spent most of his time indoors reading books. This became even more common after he started experiencing chronic muscle aches and pains, which often lead him to be bed bound as a child. He continues to experience pains now that he’s older but his pain tolerance has also increased. It does sometimes get bad during flair ups. He grew up feeling inadequate and feeling like he'd failed expectations. He didn't have a lot of people to vent to, which accounts for holding back his emotions now. Nalo met his cousin Tains when they were both seven. She was one of the first people outside of his immediate family that he made friends with and she is one of the few people that can deal with his prickly attitude. When he heard she was going to RMI, he spoke with his parents and wrote a long list of reasons he should attend as well. After some convincing, they finally allowed him to go.