Robert Hier


Written By Austin

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


When he attended RMI, Rob was Sorted into Aquila and it could not have been a better fit. Rob is a trickster at heart, and although rarely malicious loves to play pranks on everyone around him. He is also very intelligent and can have very little tolerance for what he views as stupidity. Given his family situation, Rob does not have a firmly placed sense of loyalty or protectiveness, although he easily forms connections with other people. Rob is an extrovert, and when going long periods with little human contact he can get very cranky.


Rob has brown hair, brown eyes, relatively light skin, and uses a wheelchair full-time. Although he is no longer as well-muscled as he was during his Quidditch days, Rob is still very active and appears to be in good shape. Rob typically eschews robes, finding them to be a pain to manage with his chair, which is black with black wheel covers that have flames painted on them. He prefers Muggle jeans and a casual Muggle t-shirt, although he can be coerced into wearing a polo shirt or button-down if the situation really requires it. Rob is usually accompanied by his service dog, a chocolate lab named Lapis.


Shortly after Rob was born, he had a pair of ischemic strokes that left him paralyzed from the waist down. His pureblood family was less than pleased with having a wheelchair-bound son, but made up for it by having another three able-bodied children. Rob spent most of his childhood dodging social events by hiding in the library; he wasn't hard to find, but since his parents didn't really want him there anyway, it worked out well for everyone. When he was 11, Rob was sent to RMI where he was Sorted into Aquila and immediately started making as much trouble as possible. Although he initially got away with quite a bit, his teachers soon wisened up to the fact that the kid in a wheelchair, could, in fact, be the reasons Dungbombs were going off in class and he began to accrue a healthy number of detentions. Due to one of his pranks, he became friends with Celia Hier, who he would later start dating. In his third year, Rob suffered another ischemic stroke. This time, the doctors were able to find and patch up the problem, but it still left him with some side effects; Rob now wears a magical hearing aid in one ear to help him process conversations better. After graduating from RMI, Rob went on to get a Bachelor's in Alchemy in Potions and began working at a pharmaceutical potions company. Not too long after he began working there, the same company hired one Celia Hier, who Rob had broken up with at the end of seventh year. It didn't take much time for the two to realize that they had quite a bit in common still, and they quickly got back together. Following a medical emergency, Rob and Celia decided the best way to ensure the correct person in Rob's life had medical proxy was to get married, so they did. A little while later, Rob heard that the Potions position at RMI was open and applied to work there.