Thomas Miller


Written By Caleb

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Thomas, who goes by Tom, has an outgoing personality. He loves meeting new people and is quick to strike up a conversation. His Dad plays bass guitar in a rock band with a few of his friends, and sometimes he invites Tom onstage to sing with them. His Dad has even helped Tom write a few songs of his own. When it comes to academics, Thomas excels at math but struggles with some other subjects like English and history. In elementary school, he was a member of the Cub Scouts. He loves the outdoors, so he enjoyed going camping and learning some basic survival skills while he was in the Scouts.


Tom has short, curly brown hair and hazel eyes, and he is skinny. He has a small, brown birthmark on his left temple. He is of an average height for his age. Tom likes wearing shirts emblazoned with the logos of his favorite rock bands.


Tom is a Muggleborn. His Dad works during the week at a car manufacturer and plays with his band on weekends. His Mom is a math teacher at the local high school. Tom is an only child. There were various signs of him being a wizard that cropped up over the years. For some reason, these signs usually had to do with his hair in one way or another, whether it immediately grew back after he got a haircut or turned a bright shade of yellow out of nowhere. This resulted in him feeling pretty confused sometimes. Even though he naturally had an outgoing personality, he would withdraw from his friends during these little episodes for fear that they would think he was some kind of circus freak.