Momoka Saito


Written By Angie

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Momoka is nearly the perfect representation of a privileged child. She is rather uppity, with a tendency to look down on anything that doesn’t match her proper tastes and lifestyle. She prides herself in being a connoisseur of ‘girly’ things and hobbies, ranging from shopping to playing piano and adoring anything pink and fluffy. Momoka is arrogant, and believes herself to be justified in doing so -- she works extremely hard in everything she does and strives for perfection in all her areas of interest. This combination leads to her being characterized as a primadonna, without the sugary-sweet exterior, and doubly as outspoken and snappy. Underneath her arrogantly snobby perfect exterior, Momoka is a churning ocean. She has the tendency to be needlessly mean, almost in a vicious way, and will certainly attempt to bring other people down if she feels they’re excelling more than her. Momoka is unapologetic about her ruthlessness, as she views her ends to justify the means. She feels pressure and jealousy especially easily, and will channel her fears of failure into her exhausting work ethic and unrelenting mean streak.


Momoka slim, nearly waif-like, and only the barest touch below average stature. She has smooth, creamy skin that -- to her horror -- is splotched by freckles on her slightly upturned nose, shoulders, and a small beauty mark underneath her left eye. One of her favorite features are her eyes -- large and rounded, nearly black, with full lashes. Momoka has straight, jet black hair reaching the small of her back, with straight-cut bangs that she usually wears down, or in the rare case of her actually performing any physical activity, picked up in a high ponytail. Her clothing style is defined by two constant characteristics: very pink and very expensive. She prefers skirts and dresses to anything else, and has a passion for those white socks with lace frills around them.


Momoka is the daughter of a Japanese Ministry of Magic ambassador to the United States, and an extremely successful businesswoman. Raised in Osaka until she was 6, Momoka moved to the United States with her father after her parent’s frighteningly savage divorce. Momoka would have preferred to stay with her mother -- a woman that alternated between coolly distant and overbearingly attentive -- than with her father, a (to Momoka’s disdain) fairly steady and strict man. Momoka is the eldest child, with her younger twin brothers living back home with their mother. She would never admit her jealousy, of course, but it still hurts that her mother would pick to have her two sons with her during the year rather than her only daughter. Being from pureblood families on both sides, Momoka obviously showed magical talent early and easily. She’s a bit bitter that she couldn’t attend her family’s traditional school, but has resolved to simply be the best in RMI.