Ruben Lundqvist


Written By Sasha

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood
Birthday: March 8
Wand: Red oak with dragon heartstring, 11 1/2"


A tumultuous early childhood combined with the persistant sensation of being underappreciated led to Ruben growing up a sullen child, but he plays on an outspoken (if somewhat abrasive) persona to compensate. His emotions are upfront and tend to extremes: when he's happy, he's very happy, but anger comes more easily. Studying martial arts has theoretically helped him learn to take a breath first, but in reality his impatience hasn't improved; he's just become a disciplined sparrer. Ruben is highly competitive, even over small things, and is too fond of confrontation, especially physical. He considers himself hard to get to know (something he takes pride in, seeing it a sort of necessary obstacle to would-be companions) but uncomplicated to get along with once you do know him.


Since the age of twelve, Ruben has firmly wedged himself into the heavy metal genre, and has the long hair and accompanying wardrobe to prove it. He's of course familiar with how to "clean up", having previously attended the infamously severe Durmstrang, and the look of dark robes and a tight braid suits him. But when free of such obligations, the dirty-blonde locks hang freely down one of several black shirts emblazoned with logos from Muggle or Wizarding bands, typically paired with skinny jeans so form-fitting it's a wonder he can bend his knees to walk. A little obsessed with his style, he's unable to resist semi-casually checking himself out in any available reflective surface. He is tall and has light blue eyes, a square jaw, and wild eyebrows reminiscent of elongated Puffskeins.


Ruben is the second child of Leif and Elin Lundqvist - a Squib and (disowned) Pureblood, respectively. His early life should have followed the route of his sister Dagny's, born and raised in the peaceful northern town of Arvidsjaur, but medical complications during pregnancy forced their relocation to Umeå, where Elin died in the hospital's maternity ward. Ruben was saved but his early memories of his father are either unfavourable (the stress had severe effects on Leffe) or guilt-ridden (he still feels like the man can't look him in the eye) or nonexistent (the children were put in foster care for some years before rejoining their father). Around this time, Leffe met a Finno-Swedish woman, Saara; they are now domestic partners and have a child together. Ruben and his sister both attended Durmstrang Institute. Their family had no intention of moving; Leffe had a small but stable business as a clocksmith, and Sweden was home, after all. However, Saara was offered a major promotion in her job at Ericsson - which included a relocation to the American headquarters in Texas. With only a short timespan to seize this opportunity, it was quickly decided that they would move. Their youngest child will be starting school next year; wanting to keep him close, Saara researched magical schooling options and chose RMI. Meanwhile, Leffe, with some difficulty, persuaded Ruben to sacrifice his remaining years at Durmstrang by transferring into RMI to scope it out in advance of his half-brother's arrival. Dagny is in her seventh year and so there was no point in moving her, but Ruben was young enough to be resettled... At least, that was the plan.


Loud music, martial arts, shoes sturdy enough to hike and also kick things, being attractive, being around attractive people, learning new spells, fishing, the occasional illicit substance.


The government, mostly just when they do stupid stuff. Also, he doesn't have many friends, but if you pick on them... Well, that's not cool, dude. You wanna fight?


Make enough money to buy his own car and live in it. Then he can spend his time wandering the Great Outdoors without the hassle of an actual house. He tried learning to play music once, but decided that he likes listening to it more. But maybe he'd try out photography or something else kind of artsy. He hopes to place a ranking position in the Norwegian national glíma championships. Also, he wants to grow his hair long enough to sit on. For Reasons.