Kaye Packman


Written By Cassandra

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: 03/21
Wand: Dogwood with unicorn tail hair, 12 inches


Kaye doesn't mean to, but from years of bullying, with topics ranging from her gay dads and alopecia totalis, she's automatically defensive around people she doesn't know well. She's been the brunt of too many jokes in the past to trust that people may have the best intentions. People who have been bullied at multiple schools in the past would leave most kids shy and anxious, but Kaye is a firecracker. She's smart, which means she gets bored easily if she isn't pushed. She's excellent at defending herself, and she tries to use her words, but she sees the value in getting rough when needed. She also really likes stealing small things. She's not sure if it's the rush of the stealing, having the secret, or getting to know people through little tokens, but she's known to have sticky fingers. She's very sneaky. At this point, she's had enough practice that it's very rare for her to get caught. Kaye is known for having almost no filter. She says exactly what is on her mind and doesn't shy away from telling people what she thinks about them and their problems. She expresses affection through insults and mockery, which some of her peers haven't figured out yet. She tends to be less abrasive towards younger students.


Kaye has perfect, pale, freckle-less skin. She finds this to be a fair trade off, since her body decided to mistake its normal cells for foreign invaders at the age of nine. Kaye is actually bald. She usually wears a black wig with long black hair and bangs, but she'll switch wigs from time to time. Now that she's older, she's more daring with her wig choices, going from black, to red, to blonde, and all different lengths and styles. She wears makeup. She typically prefers black eyeliner and dark smokey shadow around her blue eyes; she's starting to experiment with other eyeliner colors. It's extremely unlikely that she'd ever be seen without makeup. Kaye loves edgy clothes. She'll usually wear fun black clothes, fake leather in bright colors, corset tops, and/or multi-layer, petticoat-like mini skirts. She likes being daring in what she wears. She discovered that her clothes and makeup could be a good distraction from the whole "wearing a wig" thing. Her shoe collection is huge. Almost everything she owns is some kind of heel. It's very rare to see her wear anything that's flat or, ew, sneakers.


Kaye's dad accidentally knocked up a college girlfriend when he was twenty two, and that's where her story began. Her Papa, Thomas Packman, met the love of his life, Jared Byron (who she now calls Dad), when Kaye was seven. She dealt with the usual close minded bullying that came from primary school kids who didn't know any better. She was a girl with two gay dads and the last name Packman. She wasn't really surprised. Other than that, her childhood was uneventful for a while. When Kaye turned nine, she started losing her hair. They noticed small bald spots on her scalp at first, which then turned into bigger patches. She and her dads went through lots of tests and visited plenty of doctors before they reached a conclusion: Kaye had alopecia totalis. Her immune system decided that normal cells were now scary dangerous cells, and it attacked. The result was gradual, then fast. Her dads helped her shave her head before her hair was completely lost. After waiting for peach fuzz to hopefully pop back out, which sometimes happened to children with alopecia, Kaye had to accept that her hair was gone for good. And that she was now the weird bald kid named Packman with gay dads. Nine year olds are cruel. She dealt with public school for another year, then went to a small magical charter school in Chicago, which wasn't part of the IWCE system. It seemed like maybe it was a good fit, but Kaye didn't like it. After more bullying, a curriculum her dads were unsatisfied with, two days of in-school suspension, and an eventual Actual Suspension when she was thirteen, her dads decided to start looking into options. They wanted to find a school with a better curriculum, one that fostered independence, and one that was known for being relatively inclusive. This led them to the ICWE, and in turn led them to Rocky Mountain International. Kaye found friends rather quickly at RMI, which was a new experience for her. She spends most of her time with her housemate, Ruben, and enjoys hanging out with Holland and Emmett, too. During her fifth year, Kaye had started experiencing some health issues. Eventually, she ended up in the hospital and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. This still didn't seem right, though, and her health continued to be all over the place. She was properly diagnosed with lupus the summer before her sixth year and is learning how to balance her life now that she knows the name of her chronic illness.


Makeup, fashion, sarcasm, food, Ruben, dares


Most people, Republicans, Heather, people who don't know how to season food, being told what to do


Kaye plans on doing as well in her classes as she can with as little effort as possible. By the time she leaves RMI, she hopes to have knocked her roommate down a peg or two or five. She knows she'll go to college, and she's starting to develop slight interest in technomancy and the magical world's relationship, or lack thereof, with Muggle technology. She'd also really enjoy collecting a few younger years and creating an army of little pick pockets.