Darlene Knight


Written By Casey

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Darlene is, admittedly, a bit spoiled. As a result, she is not very well prepared for a situation in which she does not get her way and will likely cry if/when such a situation arises. However, as a well-bred pureblood girl, she is usually quite well-mannered and polite. In a formal situation, she is quite at ease and outgoing, perhaps even bubbly, but entering into a new situation such as a new school on a new continent tends to make her a big more nervous. It will definitely make her pause with hesitation as she assesses the situation. She considers herself pretty good at adapting, but truthfully, she isn’t, and she is also a bit gullible. She has a sassy streak, but it is almost always playful.


Despite a somewhat angular, bony body, Darlene’s appearance is overall very soft. She has round cheeks of moderate paleness, and she has a subdued version of her mother’s jawline. Her hair is thick and long, falling in brown waves that are often divided into pigtails. She dresses very conservatively, as a young lady ought to, and stands just about average size for her age.


As far as anyone except two living people know - and one dead person knew - Darlene is the daughter of the late Oliver Knight V and his wife, Amelia. She is the fourth daughter, born after Alexandra (who disappeared), Amelia (who is thought to be dead), and Olivia (who was disowned). Significantly younger than the rest, Darlene was a surprise when it was thought that her mother could no longer carry a pregnancy to term. However, she is actually the product of an extramarital affair between her mother and Connor Thomas. The man she thought to be her father died when she was fairly young. Darlene was raised by her mother in the lap of Knight luxury, and as such, she has never wanted for anything. As of late, she has a decent, albeit publicly unknown, relationship with her sister Olivia, but above all else, she is devoted to her mother.