Maverick Buchannan


Written By Casey

Gender: other
Blood Status: halfblood


Maverick tends to be a bit standoffish and is decidedly a loner, although he is not particularly introverted. He simply learned to enjoy his own company and not to trust others very easily after enough negative experiences with his peers along the way. He has a stubborn streak a mile long and is very difficult to dissuade when convinced he’s right. He has a scrappy nature that leads him to throw the first punch in heated situations, often getting him into trouble even if he wasn’t the one to start the altercation. While his loyalties are difficult to win, once they are held, Maverick is fiercely protective and decisively loyal, a true “ride or die” friend.


Blessed by androgyny, Maverick floats on a line of femininity and masculinity, which shifts one way or the other based on the day. He has thick, wavy hair that reaches his shoulder and is currently pastel pink and mint green, although brown eyebrows reveal his natural color. His skin is pale, and his body is quite scrawny. His septum is pierced, although he often forgets to put a ring in after his first magical school got annoyed with him over the dress code.


Maverick is what remains of a short-lived marriage between two former hippies. Though both parents are in his life (and on friendly terms with one another), his Muggle mother’s renouncement of their former style has been most apparent, as she has remarried and has another child, the more normally named son, Freddie. Maverick lives primarily as a member of this family of four (himself, Freddie, Mom, and his step-dad, Tim), but he has frequent visits with his magical father, who somewhat floats between jobs and still calls himself Neon. From a very early age, Maverick knew he was different. He knew this because other kids constantly pointed it out. Including both Muggle and magical schools, he has been to five in his lifetime as he keeps running into situations with bullies. Maverick identifies as genderfluid and has for a while, a concept some kids seem to have explosive trouble understanding. Both of his parents have been very supportive and understanding and were quick to adopt his pronouns. His step-dad doesn’t understand it but does try his best, and Maverick and he have a solid relationship. Freddie doesn’t remember a time when Maverick wasn’t he/him, so fortunately, no risk of issue there.