Dylan Xavier


Written By Kris

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Dylan is a pretty easy-going sort of person. He gets along with most people, being generally a polite and conscientious individual. He counts himself a Christian, of the progressive and liberal variety, and considers 'love God and one another' as the most important tenet of his faith with 'just be nice to everybody' as a closely related second (this is his interpretation of 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'). Likewise, he knows lying is Wrong so he is generally truthful and tends to assume everyone else is as well unless proven otherwise. He's lived most of his life until now in the shadows of his older brothers, and is excited to strike out on a new path that is just for him. It's an opportunity for adventure, but even more than that, it's a chance to prove himself as an individual and not just be 'that third Xavier boy'. Plus, you know, having magic is like the most awesome thing ever. He's a moderate risk-taker, willing to take chances so long as the potential consequences aren't too bad. He does have a streak of curiosity and taste for adventure that will aid and abet his risk-taking if the potential gains satisfy either of those traits. He's not outwardly affectionate or emotional most of the time, but he is deeply loyal to his friends (of which he is most likely to have only one or two close ones rather than a wide range of them though he is by no means a solitary loner).


Dylan has greyish-blue eyes, sandy blond hair (cut short, but not too short; he doesn't like buzz cuts) and freckles. He sunburns easily. He's a bit rotund - not hugely overweight or anything, but definitely in the chubby category, especially in the face, which gives him a bit of a baby-face look, making him appear slightly younger than his eleven years. His clothing is somewhat boring by many standards, mostly consisting of blue jeans, denim shorts, and striped or solid t-shirts (mostly in green and blue shades, though a few venture into brown, grey, and black). If he wants to dress up he wears a polo shirt and khakis. His socks are mostly all white because his mom says they 'go with everything' and doesn't buy him anything else.


He lives in a suburban muggle neighborhood in Connecticut. His mom is a total muggle. His dad has magic in his family but doesn't himself. Dylan's paternal grandmother and uncle are the only relatives he knows personally who have magic. Not having any wizards in his immediate nuclear family, Dylan and his brothers were raised with no knowledge of magic at all until he began showing signs of accidental magic. Having seen his brother do the same sorts of unlikely things as a child, his dad recognized what was happening and called in Grandma to educate his wife and sons on what to expect. Until she did so, Dylan had been a bit concerned that physics seemed to have it out for him and made non-nonsensical exceptions to its laws that only applied to him, but Grandmother's explanation partly settled those worries but mostly just sent him over the moon (metaphorically; he'd literally gone over the roof once but fortunately he hadn't yet left the stratosphere) with excitement that magic was real. Fairy tales had a renaissance on his book shelves. They were no longer childish; they were <i>research</i>. With Grandma and Uncle Nathan as magical folk they actually <i>knew</i> and Dad insisting that they weren't lying or pulling anyone's leg, Mom and Derrek and Dave and Dylan found it perhaps easier to accept this unlikely explanation than they would have otherwise, and Dylan took to grilling both of them about the wizarding world whenever either visited, so he thought he had a leg up on other muggleborns going into magic school for the first time. (He wasn't much for labels, and wasn't sure 'muggleborn' was exactly accurate for him, anyway, but it was the one he'd adopted as 'less wrong' than the other options.)


Dylan enjoys going camping and hiking.


Dylan wants to enjoy canoeing and kayaking but such small boats somehow bring out a deep fear of drowning in him despite the fact that he is a perfectly adequate swimmer. Well, not being able to see the bottom of the pond or lake is what bothers him. He's fine with pools, but swimming in opaque water freaks him out a little. And boats freak him out a little, too, because they carry the risk of capsizing. And who knows what's hiding in that water, wanting to eat him or knock over his boat. Shrieking eels, maybe? Are shrieking eels a real thing?


The longer he's as school, the more ambitious he becomes about getting good grades.